Motivating Mum Hayley Lloyd has lost over an amazing 21kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about self perception and recommends the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to all mums

Wow I cannot believe that we are halfway through December already!! So far this month has been great for me. Since my last blog I have started using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, I am impressed. I have tried many different meal replacement shakes in the past and have gagged drinking all of them.
These smoothies however are so different and so tasty! I love that I can add nearly everything to them and create new and fun tasting smoothies every day! I have also started using the Healthy Mummy DVD, wow it is incredible. It is easy to follow (which is handy for the uncoordinated like me!) and is a great workout, I sweat so much while doing it!!
Since my last blog, I have been working so hard. I have been focusing on my eating and exercising every day and am so pleased with the results. I have been using the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan a lot in the past few weeks and have fallen in love with the Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Chicken with Steamed Veggies. Exercise wise I have been completing the 28 Day Tone Up Challenge, been doing HIIT type workouts nearly every day, Zumba and have been using the Healthy Mummy DVD.
I have lost a further 2.1kg bringing my total to 21.1kg. I am nearly half way to my goal and nearly out of the “obese” category for my BMI!! I also had the most amazing non-scale victory, I put on my PJ pants that I bought while pregnant and I can fit both legs into one leg hole! It was such an amazing feeling! Ladies keep some old clothes and put them on sometimes to see how big they are, to see how much your body has changed it will make you feel over the moon!
I have had a lot of people ask me how I stay motivated and have thought about it a lot over the past couple of weeks. I realised that most of the people who asked me think motivation is just something you have but it’s not, motivation is something you make. Motivation is something you have to keep working for.
You need to find your motivation, whether it be becoming a healthier mum for your kids, or fitting back into your favourite pair of jeans. Whatever it is you need to constantly remind yourself of it. Set up a motivational board somewhere, mine is my locked phone screensaver so I see it every time I pick up my phone.
Every time I feel like giving up, I look at my son and remind myself that I want to be able to run around with him when he is older, but most importantly I remind myself that I want him to grow up in a healthy and active household. I want healthy eating to just be normal for him and I want him to choose to go out bike riding instead of watching television. Ladies you make your own motivation and only you can change yourself!!
I also wanted to talk a little bit about self-perception. I have had a few people tell me how great I am looking and my partner is constantly telling me that I am looking so slim and skinny but when I look at myself in the mirror I just see the opposite. I don’t see a change in myself when looking in the mirror, I still perceive myself as how I first started.
That is until I look at my photos, when I see my before and current progress pictures I see a massive difference, a difference I don’t see in the mirror. I cannot stress enough how important progress photos are, you don’t have to show anyone but definitely take them! I also see changes in my clothes, having clothes that use to fit snuggly falling off me is the best feeling ever. But still most of the time I look at myself and I don’t see how far I have come, instead I see how far I have to go.
So for the rest of the December I am making a vow that instead of focusing on how far I have to go and instead of looking at myself and seeing fat, I am going to be kind to myself. I am going to focus on how I feel when my once too tight clothes are now loose. Self-perception can be a dangerous thing ladies, so instead of focusing on all our “fat” let’s all focus on how far we have come, let’s focus on the positive comments from other people and let’s celebrate our bodies!
After all our bodies have gone through the most amazing experience and have gifted us with the best present ever, our babies. Let’s take a moment every day and thank our bodies for what they do for us because they are pretty fantastic.

Hayley reviews the 28 Day Challenge

I signed up for the September on the subscription as I cannot get enough of all the food and have now done the September and November Challenge and I can’t wait for January

I signed up for the September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge on the subscription as I cannot get enough of all the food and have now done the September and November Challenge and I can’t wait for January

I recommend it to all mums!

Hayley xox
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