The fantastic Emily Koniditsiotis continues to share her amazing weight loss journey with Lose Baby Weight and her reasons to keep going!
You can see Emily’s weight loss journey here.

It’s hard to believe that this is my final post as a Motivating Mum for June! I can’t believe how quickly this month flew by! This has been such a fun and rewarding experience. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with so many awesome Mums who have really embraced the Lose Baby Weight lifestyle.
Motivation. Bluh. It’s a tricky thing to hang on to. How can we continue on day in and day out with enough motivation and stamina to just keep going and stay focused on the end goal? It can be exhausting. How do we keep the enthusiasm about diet and exercise fresh and interesting? Well, we don’t really, not in my experience anyway.  If we stick with it long enough though, and we keep getting back on the wagon after we’ve fallen off, (over and over and over again), then things start to get easier. Healthy food choices and exercise start to come naturally and suddenly, eating well and exercising becomes its own reward. Feeling good is addictive.
An important lesson I’ve learned during my weight loss journey is that it can help to have something to work towards, but eventually that goal outfit will finally fit, or the wedding will come and go, or the family holiday will be over or the school reunion will end, and then what? When you don’t have that carrot dangling in front of you, what will keep you going? What reason will you have to stay fit and healthy?
I kept making the mistake of getting in shape for something.  I had a reason to look good but as soon as there wasn’t a reason anymore, I fell back into old habits. When I found Lose Baby Weight and the Healthy Mummy products, I was trying to lose weight in time for a family photo shoot. And then I wanted to look good for lunch with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. And then I really wanted to look good for coffee with a thin girlfriend, whom, due to my weight, I had been avoiding because I felt so fat next to her.
When those events passed, I got complacent, and then I started to get unhappy and then I started to fall into depression, (an old, troublesome acquaintance of mine). That’s when I made the connection between active, clean living and my happiness. I realized how important this new lifestyle was to maintain, not just so I would look good in my jeans again, but because I’m so much happier and I’m a much better mother when I take care of my health and body. My ‘reasons’ gave me the start I needed to help me lose weight in the beginning, but I’m glad I recognized early on that I needed more to keep me going. I needed to let go of my reasons and embrace feeling good as reason enough.
My wish to all the Mummies out there, when it comes to keeping yourself motivated, let feeling awesome be your primary motivator because it’s the one reason that will last you a lifetime.
Emily xo
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