Emily continues to share her weight loss journey whilst following the Lose Baby Weight plans. She has discovered some challenges to overcome to keep her on track with her healthy eating diet plan and exercise routine to ensure she reaches her weight loss goals:
A funny thing happened the moment I was selected as a Motivating Mum for June…my life, it became quite chaotic. The universe, she was not on my side. The Fitness Gods set out to challenge me, tempt me and generally, make my life interesting; husband off work, birthdays, surprise anniversary dinners, carb loaded mini-breaks, sick husband, sick kids, fussy eaters, Aunt Flo…
Motivating Mums. Emily Kon, Lose Baby Weight plans
Mostly, I was feeling out of control, out of my comfort zone and completely outnumbered by snotty noses and cake plates. A year ago, I would have used the special occasions to celebrate with food, to eat whatever and as much as I wanted. And I would have used the stressful moments to medicate with food, seizing any opportunity to withdraw, position myself in front of the TV and eat my worries away.
A couple of times I came quite close to falling into those old habits and I found myself looking forward to letting go of control and giving in to temptation, until I realised it doesn’t have to be ALL or NOTHING. I don’t have to avoid restaurants on my anniversary because I’m afraid of ‘indulging’. I now know how to order the healthier option and enjoy it. I savour every last bite. I truly taste my food and appreciate what’s on my plate. And I don’t run to food anymore to comfort myself when I’m feeling stressed or tired because I understand the destructive cycle it causes.
I used to say, “I can’t stop myself, I love food!” but I now recognize there’s a vast difference between loving food and loving to eat.
Despite these challenges and the odd moment of weakness, the month so far has been fun, educational and inspiring. I’ve enjoyed so much connecting with other Lose Baby Weight Mums in the Facebook support group and offering help and advice when I can.
I’ve made healthy choices. I’ve overcame temptation. I’ve done plenty of incidental exercise. I have felt light and energetic and clear headed and in top form…right up until I stepped on the scales and saw that I had actually gained 400g!
I immediately felt completely disappointed and miserable. Everything I’d been through! All the things I’d learned and overcome! The old me would have gone straight to the pantry for a comforting mini-binge, because, what’s the bloody point?! I’ve worked my arse off for nothing, right? WRONG. I have felt GREAT! I treated myself well and it totally paid off because I felt wonderful.
Why should we let all those amazing feelings go straight down the drain just because the scale tells us our numbers are moving slightly in the wrong direction? When I took the time, I realized that my body weight may have gone up a bit but my BMI had definitely gone DOWN.
All the extra weight training I’ve been doing has increased my muscle mass, resulting in a weight gain. How is that a bad thing? I may not be lighter in weight but I’m stronger and more powerful than I was a mere two weeks ago. I think that’s awesome. I also know that more muscle burns more energy, so at some point the kilos will start to move downward again. If I stay focused on feeling good, which can only happen when I treat my body with respect, then the rest will take care of itself.
I’m weighing in at around 62kgs at the moment, over the next two weeks I’ve set myself the goal of getting below 60kgs. At the beginning of the month I thought this would be a cinch but I understand now what a plateau is and how frustrating they can be, (all good feelings about muscle gain aside).
To help shake up my body, I plan to shake up my routine with some different exercises, and at a different time of day. Instead of my evening workouts, I’ll be doing some early morning workouts. Also, instead of having one Healthy Mummy Smoothie a day and two meals, I’ll now have two smoothies a day and a light dinner with some healthy snacks in between.
I’ve been a bit complacent with my calorie counting over the last few months and I suspect that I might not be eating enough, so I’ll be tracking my intake more closely to see where I need to make adjustments.
I look forward to writing my final Motivating Mum blog in 2 weeks time having smashed my plateau and reached my goal…just in time to start the Winter Weight Loss Challenge!
Emily Kon


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