Michaela McAllister has lost an amazing 13kgs and a fantastic 4kgs over the September 28 Day Challenge. Well done Michaela!
You can see Michaela’s progess here on her 100 Day Challenge.
Hey Everyone,
So September is drawing to an end which means we are in the last days of the 28 Day September Challenge, I have honestly LOVED this challenge, so many amazing recipes that will be a regular in this household. I really love the Chicken & Avo Salad for something light and easy.
I am now into day 26 of the 100 Day Challange (yep it’s really day 26 already, I can’t believe it!) The third week into the challanges I lost my focus and struggled for the week to regain it, no matter how hard I tried to push myself to go a bit harder or faster my body just wasn’t working with my head. It honestly frustrated the hell out of me. I felt like I was failing myself, BUT after a bit of ‘me time’ I finally got my focus back and have been smashing out this week. I sat down on the weekend and planned out my meals and exercise and it has really helped me become a lot more organised than I was before. I was starting to slip up more and more with exercise and procrastinating and putting it off and off until the last minutes before I had to get orgnaised for dinner time.
Exercising with kids, I’ll be honest it can be tricky but it is not impossible! I used to use the excuses ‘Oh I don’t have time, my hands are full with the kids’, ‘I have no one to look after the kids so I can exercise’, ‘I’m to exhausted from looking after the kids’ and the list goes on. Well now I know they are all just excuses that I kept telling myself, and in a way I was just in denial of the fact that I was just plain and simply to lazy!
My daughter said to me the other day that she loves going for all the walks and going to have a play, one thing that we NEVER have done before I started Lose Baby Weight and to be honest I felt like a failure as a Mum that I wasn’t providing her with the fun packed life that a little girl deserved of going and playing at the local park and enjoying the outside like every kid wants to do. She even loves helping Mummy do ‘steps’ (The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD.) With extra exercises, I try and work it in when both my kids are settled enough and sometimes yes there is a lot of stop starting but once again it isn’t impossible, If you have a plan it makes it a lot easier! You just have to take those first few steps and stop making the excuses that keep holding you back.
28 day plan
Since starting Lose Baby Weight I am now enjoying life properly, I am getting out each day and enjoying the fresh air and exercise. I’ve even jumped on the play equipment at the local parks with my daughter (which never happened before, I always took a backseat and left that up to her Dad because I always felt too big and uncomfortable.) I’ve even jogged alongside my daughter racing around the park. These are the kind of memories I want to make with my children of all of us enjoying life and being active.
To date so far since September 1st I have lost 42.5cm from my body measurments, 4kg and had a non-scale victory of buying Size 14 workout leggings WAHOO!! Also with losing 4kg I am back to 80kg which I was when I found out I was pregnant with my last baby and not far away from the 79 that I was when I fell pregnant with my 1st, YAY!
I honestly can’t thank Lose Baby Weight enough for changing my life and giving me the kick up the bum I needed to start enjoying life properly.
Love yourself every step of the way on your journey and understand that although the progress may or may not be as quick as you want it to be, it is a long process and to be healthy and happy is for a lifetime not just a right now kind of thing.
Until the next update, be active and enjoy life.
Michaela McAllister xx
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