Firstly, although I lost my pregnancy weight 5 months after my little boy was born – I do not believe that any mum should feel any pressure to lose their weight in a set time and that a mum should only ever think about losing weight when they feel 100% physically and emotionally ready to do so – and for a lot of women this could be more than 2 years after the birth of their baby.
Instead the focus should be on bonding with your new baby, being healthy and recovering from the birth – not putting pressure on yourself to reach a number on the scales.
I just felt ready to lose my weight and this was a personal choice to lose the weight and I ensured I lost the weight in a safe and healthy way and as the plans are breastfeeding safe I was able to lose the weight whilst breastfeeding.
Lose_baby_weightI have lost a total of 14kg and even though there have been ups and downs along the way and it has been hard work (unfortunately I am not one of those people who find it really easy to lose weight – or resist food!).
I have found the Lose Baby Weight plans easy to follow and I think the big reason for that is that the smoothies I have for breakfast and lunch (or sometimes breakfast and dinner if I am out) are so good and I genuinely look forward to them.(For dinner I have a healthy meal and you can see lots of healthy recipes for weight loss here). There is never boredom as the variety in what you can add to them with different fruits is so wide delicious!

Healthy Eating Plan

I also found that as the Healthy Mummy products are nutritional products not traditional weight loss shakes packed with nasty weight loss accelerants that my body responded so much better to them and my hair and nails have never been stronger and my skin has not had any outbreaks or any issues at all since having Kai – and considering I have been surviving on such little sleep over the past few months I would have expected to look weight_loss_successterrible but that isn’t the case thankfully!
Plus my milk supply was fantastic when breastfeeding and even though I was losing 500g – 1kg most weeks my milk was flowing and that was due to all the great nutrients that I was taking in through the plan.
But I wasn’t perfect all of the time and there were times when my will power crumbled and I ate chocolate or lots of bread (I LOVE crusty bread and this is always my downfall as I can easily get through a whole loaf – especially with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar with it or dips) but the next day I would always find some energy to get up and dust myself down and be good again and there were a couple of weeks where I skipped weigh ins as I knew the scales would not be kind and I didn’t want to depress myself!

Are You Ready to Lose Your Weight?
I think for any mum reading this thinking “I just can’t motivate myself” or “I just don’t think I can do it” you have to believe in yourself and know that you can do it. On any weight loss journey there will be tough times and you think “ I don’t care anymore”, but even though you may not care at that particular point in time you need to have the vision to know you will care later on and you need to find the inner strength to battle through.
weight_loss_planThe biggest motivator for me was doing my weekly weigh ins and seeing the numbers on the scales go down – some weeks it was only 400g and some weeks over 1kg but it feels good to see it moving and it spurs you to go on.
Also you really need to focus in on why you want to lose the weight as in your tough times you will need to revisit it – for me I was determined to get back to my pre pregnancy clothes as I had always been a size 8 and I didn’t want that to change because I had a baby and I knew with dedication and commitment I could get there – you can see our article on “what makes us decide to lose our baby weight” here and it shows there are many different reasons for doing so.
I also wanted to do it for my health as carrying weight is not good and as I do want to have another baby becoming pregnant again before losing the weight only compounds the problem later on and can make for a difficult pregnancy. But you have to believe in yourself and you have to make good choices so that every day you are doing something positive to help your weight loss.

To see my daily routine and my top tips for you to lose your baby weight click here (plus get a discount on our plans)