pregnancy_weightLose_weight_plansAlthough losing weight can be hard following a healthy eating and sensible weight loss plan can ensure you lose your pregnancy weight in a safe and steady way plus are still able to breastfeed.
I lost my baby weight by using the Lose Baby Weight plans and followed our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and although I had a couple of bad weeks I found the weight loss plans easy to stick.

An average day for me was:
  • 6.00am – Core exercises for 10 minutes and 20 mini push ups
  • 7.00am – Healthy Mummy smoothie and a green tea
  • 8.00am – jumping around and dancing for my baby (this is quite tiring if you do for 15 mins!)
  • 10.00am – a healthy snack with a good amount of protein, carbs and nutrition in (see ideas here) and decaff green tea plus a piece of fruit
  • 1.00pm – smoothie and a decaff green tea
  • 3.00pm – low fat cottage cheese, nuts and carrots plus a piece of fruit
  • 4.00pm – 45 minute walk
  • 6.00pm – healthy dinner with lots of veggies and lean protein – see lots of weight loss recipes here
  • 8.00pm – piece of fruit, a couple of pieces of dark chocolate and a decaff green tea

If I was really hungry at any point I just had some fruit but the above worked on most days well and was easy to follow – anyone can do it! When I got time I also did some extra things like easy exercises around the house, go for a walk and wear my leg weights to help me get some extra weight loss exercise in – but I found that rather than trying to fit big bursts of exercise in all at once I just tried to do things little and often which was a lot easier – physically and mentally!  But I didn’t do exercise every single day – some days I was just so tired that I would have a break – but I always made sure that at least 5 days a week I did some.
Also, even though I am now at my goal weight, I am going to keep having a smoothie for breakfast every day as I love them soooo much and they are so convenient – they just save so much time over actually preparing a meal and give you all the nutrients you need which for me as a busy mum is perfect!

Here are my top tips to help you lose your baby weight and effective weight loss

* Go for long walks with your baby in the pram – this will give you a great workout and the fresh air will do you both good
* walking_for_weight_lossMuscle burns 35 times the amount calories when resting as opposed to a fat so do weight bearing and weight loss exercise like squats, mini push ups and bench tricep dips to build lean muscle
* Eat little and often – every 3 hours – to keep your metabolism fired up
* Try one of our smoothies for breakfast to give your body everything it needs on a cellular level and will be great for milk supply if you are still breastfeeding
* Eat a healthy dinner packed full of vegetables, protein and wholegrain carbs – to see some great recipe ideas I regularly use and make click here
* Eat lots of low fat lean protein
* Drink 2 litres of water every day and drink green tea
* Increase fibre in your diet at every opportunity
* Keep motivated and know why you want to lose the weight
* Keep a food diary to make sure you don’t over eat at certain times
* Have a stock of healthy fruits and vegetables in your fridge to snack on and don’t keep junk food in the house and follow a weight loss diet plan like the Lose Baby Weight Plans
You can get to your pre pregnancy weight but it does take commitment and dedication but when you have made up your mind that you want that slim body once again and focus your mind you CAN DO IT and believe me when I say you will NEVER regret doing – although losing your weight won’t solve your problems it will make you feel a lot more happy and confident as well as giving you a lot more energy which will mean you do solve any problems you do have a lot better.
To see how the Lose Baby Weight Plans can help you see our weight loss plan page. And remember that all our plans have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Plus as you are reading our tips as a THANK YOU enter code LOYALTY at the check out to get a 10% discount.