While it may not be common place, some women find that their partners are not very supportive of their weight loss efforts.
For some, they even have to deal with a partner that sabotages their weight loss.
Here we look at some of the ways that we can overcome the negative influence of an unsupportive partner.

  • Cook together – if your partner can get involved in the cooking process it may make them feel a bit more in control. If they can suggest things are added or taken out of the dish, they may be more willing to give it a try.
  • Control what you can – if dinner time is a battle field, try to just make the most of controlling the other meals and snacks that you don’t consume together.
  • Smaller portions – if your partner has made something that doesn’t suit you, you can politely explain that you are trying to lose weight and will just have a small taste.
  • Communicate your feelings – they may not understand why you want to lose weight, so explain that you are doing this to get healthy, feel better, and that you want to live a long and happy life together with them and your children.
  • Use the kids as an excuse – tell your partner that you want to eat well to set a good example to your children, and also to be around for a long, long time to see them grow old. This tiny bit of guilt may be enough to get them to see the light.
  • Compromise – your partner may not be happy to eat a salad for dinner. That’s fair enough, would he/she be happy with a healthy stir fry? A casserole? Home made soup? Try to find some common ground and see if that helps.
  • Give them more – if your partner is willing to eat your healthy meals you can always give them larger portions of it, or offer them additions such as a baked potato or bread roll on the side.
  • Set goals together – even if your partner isn’t keen on your healthy cooking, they may still have their own goals such as losing weight, toning up or improving their fitness. Decide on some goals and set them out together so that you can show them how it feels to have your goals supported.
  • Take a cooking class together – learning a new skill can be a way of bonding with a partner or friend. Try learning to cook a new cuisine that values healthy ingredients, such as Japanese or Thai. Learn how to make healthy dishes together and try them out at home.
  • Try making man-friendly healthy recipes like these ones.
  • Exercise together – take food off the discussion table for a while and begin a new regimen of working out together. Even if it’s just a fitness DVD or a walk once a week, use the opportunity to communicate how happy you are to be doing this together. The positive benefits may eventually have a flow-on effect to other areas such as nutrition.
  • Educate them – for some people the idea of healthy eating may not yet be second nature. For others who have always been thin no matter what they ate, the idea of healthy food may seem irrelevant. If you can, leave information or healthy food magazines lying around which can invite discussion in their own time
  • Make other plans – if your partner loves to go out for indulgent meals for ‘date night’, see if you can ask them to meet you for a walk or a coffee instead. That way you will be burning calories instead of consuming them, and you can still have a nice catch up.
  • Put some money on it – see if you can make a bet with them that will encourage them to be supportive of your healthy cooking for one week. If they’re not supportive they have to pay up.
  • Ask them to commit to 2 healthy meals together with you per week. See if they change their tune after trying some of your best recipes.

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