weekendFor many of us, Monday to Friday is pretty much on schedule – we eat well, get some exercise in, and generally follow our healthy eating plan pretty well.
Then all of a sudden it’s Saturday, and things go a little off kilter.
Today we look at the reasons for this, and what you can do to avoid it happening to you so that you can still lose pregnancy weight.

Reason #1 – Your Partner

Not that we like to name names, but for many of us our partner’s bad habits are easier to ignore on a weekday.
On the weekend though, they are there 24/7 and if they have a hankering for chocolate biscuits or a bowl of ice cream it can be harder to resist.
Or perhaps their idea of relaxing is sitting on the couch watching movies – whereas through the week you might unwind with a walk to the park.
It’s important to talk to your partner about the fact that you are trying to lose pregnancy weight and need their support. Read our tips for getting your partner on side here.

Reason #2 – Social Events

It can be easy to say ‘but it’s the weekend!’ and have that extra glass (or 3) of wine or eat too many canapés at a party. But if the weekend excuse happens almost every weekend, it won’t be long until those bad decisions wreak havoc with your weight loss plans.
Try to limit your social outings so that you aren’t out every weekend wining and dining – and be sure to read our advice on choosing the better alcoholic drinks here.
You can also see our tips for dining out here, such as reading menus in advance to find good options, or splitting a dessert with a friend to halve the calories.

Reason #3 – Old Habits

If Saturday night for you means ordering a take away, it might be time to change that habit for a better one.
Perhaps Saturday night could mean ‘Healthy Roast Chicken Night’ or ‘Homemade Pizza Night.’
You don’t have to miss out completely on your favourite meals, but if take away is happening regularly it can mean that you are consuming a lot of extra calories, fats, sugars and salts than is ideal for losing weight.
Not convinced? You can read our tips for choosing the best take away options here.

Reason #4 – A Different Schedule

For many of us mums, Monday to Friday follows a similar pattern. This means that we can generally be prepared with snacks to take to the park/work/shops, have some healthy meals in the fridge for lunches, and a good idea of what we are going to make for dinner.
Then on the weekend, it seems that the idea of a schedule often goes out the window. Everyone is off school/work/playgroup and you want to spend time together having fun, or taking part in weekend activities like sports or shopping.
But that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to plan ahead to ensure that you are eating healthy meals and snacks each day.
Try to treat the weekend as you would any other day in terms of your plans, so that you don’t get caught out starving when the only option is a chocolate muffin or a hot dog from a canteen at your child’s soccer game.
Read some of our favourite handbag friendly snacks here.

Reason #5 – Less Activity

For some families, the weekend is about hibernating indoors, watching movies, sleeping in (OK – maybe if you have older kids!), playing board games or just relaxing on the couch.
And while that’s all well and good sometimes (especially on a rainy day) it is definitely a missed opportunity for getting active.
If the weather is on your side, why not suggest a family hike and picnic, a day on the beach, a trip to the zoo, a walk to the park, a swim at the pool – anything that will see you stepping out and getting your heart rate up.
Feeling more energetic? Read our tips for working out at the playground here.

Reason #6 – Cake and Chocolates!

Healthy BakingFor a lot of families, the weekends mean treats a lot of the time, or having cakes with family and friends and baking cakes and biscuits with the kids – all of which can send your weight loss off plan.
But the good news is that if you choose wisely, and exercise portion control, you can still have weekend treats and enjoy baking – but the key is to make your own cakes and make healthier versions which are lower in sugar and fat than standard recipes – and if you need some help in this area check out our Chocolate Treats & Baking Cookbook designed for this very purpose!
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