healthy_eatingWhen you are trying to lose weight after pregnancy, it can be a great help to have support from friends and family.
It is really hard to stay focused on healthy eating if your partner is bringing home chips, chocolate or sweets.
It’s also tough if they don’t think that you need to lose weight and insist that you’re fine the way you are.
But if you aren’t happy with your weight and you do want to shed some kilos, it can help to follow these tips below in order to get your partner on board.

Spell it out

Instead of saying ‘please support me’ be more specific. You could say things like ‘please don’t bring home my favourite chocolate bars’ or ‘could you keep your biscuits hidden away instead of on the counter’

Come up with ideas together

Give your partner some ideas for meals or snacks that you are interested in trying out. Let them pick which ones you try this week, so that they have some say in the new healthy eating plan at home.

Let them know your reasons for losing weight

Many partners feel worried that you might lose weight and suddenly find them less attractive or interesting.
It’s important to reassure your partner that you want to lose weight to be the healthiest mum you can be, and to be around for years to come to spend more time with them.

What’s in it for them

Many people can’t help but react more favourably when they realise that there is a benefit to them for their actions.
So why not explain how much better you will feel once you reach your goal weight, how you will be less moody, might be keen to plan that holiday together, will find that it takes less time to get ready to go out anywhere, or have more alone time with your partner as your confidence improves.

Find new ways to indulge together

Many partners find that it’s not as fun to eat a pizza or bag of chips on their own while you make a healthier choice, and it might make them feel a bit cranky. And if that’s the way that you used to spend time together, then you might need to make some new traditions that support your weight loss goals.
You could try making some healthier versions of foods such as homemade pizza or popcorn when you watch a movie. Or turn it on its head completely by putting together an amazing fruit platter to tuck into instead of a dessert.

Make it easy for them

If you would like your partner to eat what you eat (and who wants to cook two dinners?) then it’s best to keep it simple.
If they normally help with the cooking, ask them to give you a hand preparing something quick and easy that you think they might like – rather than asking them to cook something using unusual ingredients that they may not feel comfortable with.

Make plans together for fun exercise

Choose something you know your partner is interested in, and suggest an exercise date. You could go hiking, rock climbing, surfing, skating, stand up paddle boarding or kayaking.
Show your partner that exercise can be fun, and you might even end up making it a regular thing.

Give them a cheat day

If you really can’t get your family on board, suggest that one night per fortnight they head out for a splurge meal while you stay in for a healthy meal and some relaxing time. That way you don’t have to face temptation and they can get their fix.

Try healthier options of their favourite foods

Deciding to lose weight doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy foods that you used to love. It just might mean trying new ways to enjoy them that are a bit lighter on the calories, fat, sugar or salt.
For instance you could make our indulgent low calorie chocolate cake instead of tucking into a store bought one.
You don’t have to tell them it’s healthy either – that can be your little secret!
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