SCAMWe have always been of the belief that it is crucial to find a healthy eating or weight loss plan that suits you and your lifestyle.
Of course – we would LOVE you to chose the Lose Baby Weight plans but there are lots of other weight loss plans out there too and the most important thing for your health and longevity is to find something that works for you – and your wallet. And although there are many safe and well nutritionist backed diet plans on the market – there are also many ones that are less than ideal
And this week, we wanted to bring you a WARNING as to certain Weight Loss Plans which are not healthy and safe for people to do – especially if you are breastfeeding.
For professional and legal reasons we do not wish to name companies but everyone needs to be aware that YOU SHOULD ALWAYS RESEARCH any weight loss plan you decide to do before spending your money.

Top Eleven Ways To Determine If A Weight Loss Company is a Scam Company

1) Who is behind the Company – you want to be able to know who founded the company and why they did so. Is it someone who is passionate about helping mums lose weight and creating safe and healthy products or is it a faceless marketer who wants to take your money and run, which will result in a poor product and poor customer service (these companies often use cartoon illustrations to target mums rather then show real people as they don’t want you to know who they are). You can see who is behind Lose Baby Weight at this link.
2) Who has created the products and plans? Is it a collation of information you could get from Google? Or is it a properly constructed nutrition plan put together by an experienced team of nutritionists. If the company is claiming it is a plan or product created by a dietician or nutritionist then make sure you can see who these people are. You want to see the actual person and their qualifications – not a cartoon. You can see our nutritionists and team here – all of whom care about your health and wellbeing and have your best interests at heart.
3) If they are claiming it is approved or endorsed by anyone, demand to see who these people are. There should be links on the site to any such endorsements if they are real. You can see our real experts who have reviewed and approved our products and plans here
4) Who has created the post natal exercise plans? Are they a post natal trainer or just general trainer? The two are very different and the wrong exercises can lead to severe injury. You can see our expert post natal fitness team here.
5) Do they have testimonial pictures on their website or Facebook page? Some scam weight loss companies regularly STEAL images from other websites and post them to dupe/mislead the consumer into thinking they are weight loss results achieved on their plans when it is all a scam and very illegal.
If you are ever unsure, you can take a screen shot of the image, then use Google Images to search the internet to find where it is actually from. This is great for determining a SCAM website or Facebook page as Google finds the image – just like it finds a word. You will often find that the before and after shots with the heads cut off are not real as scam sites find these easier to rip off.


This is why on the Lose Baby Weight site you will only ever see full body shots – with the heads in! And all images are sent in directly from the mums on our plans. All are authentic and real and we are always grateful for the mums who share their results and we always write our URL on them too so they are branded.
You can see hundreds of our REAL testimonials and results sent in by mums on our plans here  and here – all of which are proper stories from REAL mums.
6) What support do they offer? Do they have their phone number and email on display? Scam companies will often not have phone information or even email as they don’t want you to contact them! They want your money then they want you to go away! You can call Lose Baby Weight at any time – our team are here to help in any way we can – contact here
7) What is their presence like on Facebook? Do they post useful content? Do they post unique content? Do they have good moderation? Do they respond to customers? Or do they bombard you with pressure to lose weight and post generic weight loss images that are taken from all over the internet. You can see our Facebook page here and you can join our private group here Our mission is to provide as much useful information, support, recipes and advice to give constant motivation to all the mums trying to get healthier and lose some weight.
8) Are their prices reasonable? For example our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan which IS created by nutritionists and post natal exercises experts (you can see all about the book here) is a hard back book and is $45.95 and you can join our 28 Day Challenge which is under $50 – learn about it here
9) Do they offer your money back if you are not happy? Scam and unsafe companies are just after your money and they are rarely interested in your health and long term success and as such don’t offer any money back guarantees. Lose Baby Weight offers a 30 Day Money back guarantee on our smoothies as we 100% care about our customers as well as being very confident in our product
10) What do other customers say? Is word of mouth on the company positive? Do they hide the ‘posts by others’ on Facebook so you can’t see what others say? What others say is critical as to the state of the products/plans – even if someone didn’t like a weight loss companies products or plans that person can still say good things if the company is genuine and has good service.
11) Do they advertise anywhere other than Facebook? A common place to advertise for Scam companies is Facebook. You will have seen lots of these companies pop up in your newsfeed and on the right hand side of the page. This is because it is easy to set up, they can control their budgets on a daily and hourly basis and they get results straight away when people click on the ad. A lot of these SCAM companies also set up Facebook pages and use other Scam internet companies to ‘get likes’ on the page so that when you go to their facebook page you think “wow, 30,000 ‘like’ this page, so it must be a good product. This is all part of the scam. They mislead you into buying and are NOT genuine.
So look at their page and look to see if they advertise anywhere else. Do they advertise in newspapers, magazines, TV – these are all expensive and scam companies tend to not do this as they don’t want to spend the money. Also a lot of magazines won’t allow scam sites to advertise so scam sites are limited to advertising online.
You will see that Lose Baby Weight & The Healthy Mummy regularly advertise across all media – so magazines (we are all in mum and baby magazines and we advertise using Full Pages), newspapers, TV and on Facebook and online mother and baby sites too. You can also see the media we are regularly featured in here too. We also are a monthly writer and columnist for Practical Parenting Magazine.
We hope this is helpful and please stay aware and informed about DODGY practices out there. Please SHARE this with other mums so they too can be more aware of scam companies and we will continue to do all we can to provide the SAFEST AND BEST post pregnancy weight loss plans which ARE properly researched and offer you full support 24/7. You can see more on how our plans work here too.