About Us

The Healthy Mummy is a community and business created exclusively for mums
It was established in 2010 by Rhian Allen, a mum of 2 (that’s Rhian below with the blonde hair holding one of her boys), who was passionate about providing a solution and support network to help mums lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way – that didn’t include fad methods and also was safe for breastfeeding mums.
The Healthy Mummy program has helped mums to lose over 2,000,000kg and is recommended by 9/10 mums to their friends
All products on the program are created by Nutritionists and Post Natal Exercise Experts.
The Healthy Mummy that exists  community is also extremely active and supportive with over 450,00 mums on social media and over 70,000 in the main Private Support Group.
You can also go here to FIND A PLAN if you are unsure of what is right for you
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What is involved?

Mums on our Healthy Mummy plans use a combination of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.
The two can be used together or on their own
If you’d love some recipe inspiration and to see just how easy our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is to follow. Download a FREE recipe and exercise sampler from the challenge 

Or you can join the challenge directly here

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an online program providing over 2,000 recipes, customisable menus, personalised shopping lists, daily exercises and videos plus constant support.
At any one time over 10,000 mums will be doing the Challenge with you so there is a great feeling of ‘doing it together’
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The Healthy Mummy Smoothies

The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are a healthy meal replacement perfect for a quick and nutritious breakfast or lunch if you are short on time. They are free from all artificial ingredients and packed full of protein & fibre. They are safe in breastfeeding and you can see a comparison to other brands here

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Mums have incredible results on our plans. Whether mums have 50kg or 5kg to lose we can help.
You can see daily results posted on our website from mums sending in their weight loss results and you can also join our private group to see 1000’s of results from mums and be part of our supportive community of like minded mums on a healthy weight loss journey

Tamara Deborah has lost 41kg

Making the decision to completely change your life isn’t easy. But for me, being overweight, unfit, unhealthy and lethargic was without a doubt so much harder than what the past 18 months has been.
I’ve lost 41kgs using the 28 day weight loss challenges and Healthy Mummy  Smoothies. The Healthy Mummy has helped make it easier to make such big changes.
Choose your hard!

Tawhai has lost 52kg

When I found The Healthy Mummy in August 2014 I was desperate to lose weight for my wedding but was so overwhelmed with the amount I needed to lose. After years of losing and gaining weight I needed something I could easily follow, adapt for my family and be able to maintain. As soon as I looked at the 28 Day Challenges I signed up and ordered some smoothie tubs, it has been one of the best decisions for myself and my family. I lost 52kgs in 15months and gained more energy, confidence and fitness. I’ve had some extremely hard days and weeks we all do, but what’s important is to never give up.

TawhaiJessica May Maghill has lost 20kg

20kgs gone and so much more confidence gained, thanks to all things Lose Baby Weight!

Jodi Kemp has lost 21kg

I think it was late jan this year a mate added me to the wonderful local group. Normally I would delete myself off these things pretty fast but I just watched out of curiosity on what my friend was doing.
I was completely surprised to see the amazing support given on the page. Then seeing the results of my mate I thought I would join the team Tuesday walk in February and give the smoothies a go. Seriously I have not looked back since. I bought the hm dvd pretty quickly after that and ensured I hit 10000 steps even if it ment late nights walking around the orchard. Today I do my steps, night workouts after the kids go to bed, some day fun exercise with the kidlings and we enjoy the hm challenge meals every day.
So far as of today I have lost 21.2kgs which is great but the whole reason I’m doing this is for what I’ve gained and that is the extra days. I want as many extra days added as possible. I know that I’ll never know if I got it but I figure just the chance of it is worth it.
Side note. On my first walk I had to borrow my hubby’s sneakers, now I own 5 pairs.

Jordi Aldrick has lost 10kg

I was not going to post this photo 1st taken today 2nd 6 months ago after my second daughters birth
Because it’s just plain horrible
But I’m not that bloated unhappy tired mum on the right anymore I used to hate photo’s of myself unless it was my face now I love photos so I can compare my weight loss i can better myself I changed my whole outlook on food since joining LBW I still eat yummy food I just learnt to eat it the right way

No pressure

We are absolutely not here to put pressure on mums to lose weight. We instead offer support, advice, plans and products to help mums lose weight when they are 100% physically and emotionally ready to do so – which could be a few months post birth or a few years. Everyone is an individual and we treat them as such.
The aim of the The Healthy Mummy focus is to educate mums how they can make small changes to their life to become healthier and also show them how they can change their life to a healthy one for them and their family
It is not about making extreme changes to your life or about becoming a health and fitness fanatic and is instead about making health fun and part of your life as well as giving useful healthy life information across all aspects of a mums life
The Healthy Mummy has an expert team of nutritionist and exercise specialists who create all the products, meal and exercise plans and
You can see the full range of products in our shop here
Or you can join the challenge directly here

Here is a video from Rhian about how The Healthy Mummy began

*This material is for information only and not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.  Please consult with your Doctor before starting any weight loss program and do not begin any exercise routine unless you have your Doctor’s clearance. 
No claims are made as to how much weight you can lose using this information/product. Your results will vary from any examples given. Your total weight loss will depend upon your circumstances, the amount of calories that you consume on a daily basis, your determination, your activity level, and the duration of your efforts to lose weight
.The owners of Lose Baby Weight shall have no no liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained hereinWe also recommend talking to your Doctor if your baby suffers from Colic or reflux before starting any diet plan as certain foods may exacerbate the colic if you are breastfeeding.