Motivating Mum Eleanor Hannah has lost over 35kg following the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans. Eleanor is now pregnant with her 4th baby and is sharing her healthy pregnancy with us all.

If you are pregnant, you can see some more information on having a healthy pregnancy here and the importance of exercise during pregnancy here.


Well one week into my refreshed exercise and eating and I’m feeling great, kids have all been sick  , and it’s school holidays here in NZ and I’ve stayed well and have been getting my daily exercise in. I am almost 28 weeks now and feeling soooo much better than this many weeks in my last pregnancy 🙂
I have been very busy this week so have been doing the 5-4-3-2-1 workout at home and the kids have been joining in, although the running on the spot is marching and the star jumps aren’t jumps any more 🙂 with this workout and the Healthy Mummy DVD my exercise has been sorted especially with the rain and wind we have been having.  I have just been fitting in exercise when I have 10mins, so I’ll do 10mins while kids are having morning tea or ten minutes while they are busy doing drawing etc or they just join in 🙂 I have also been doing the Octstanber Challenge and whoa what a challenge!! Great though
My eating has been pretty average I really struggle remembering to eat it probably sounds silly but I forget to eat but with Alarms set everywhere this week should be better.  I have been using meals from the website this week our favourites this week have been the Chicken Meatloaf, Honey Sesame Chicken, Spag Bog and the Vietnamese Meatballs 
And I’ve had some yummy smoothies this week all with heated milk first great for those cold days
Last week I went to the butcher and forgot my list so I got the meat that was on special then when I got home Before I went supermarket I typed in using the search function on the lbw website Mince, chicken etc the meat I bought and found yummy recipes doing that 🙂
I will do all my measurements on my next weeks blog 🙂
Hope all you Preggy mummies are having a great week x
Eleanor x

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