lose_baby_weightWhen you are trying to lose weight, eating well and exercising should be at the top of your priority list.
But sometimes it can feel as though you are doing the same old same old exercise. And after a while, that can get pretty boring.
So today we have a new kind of circuit for you to try out.
It’s perfect to do at home, or why not recruit a friend to do the circuit with you at the park.
Everything is broken down into 1 minute intervals. So even if you are finding something challenging just keep in mind ‘it’s only a minute, I can do anything for a minute!’
The total workout goes for 15 minutes. At first just try to get through it once, with the hope to eventually get your fitness up enough to run through it twice (or three times if you really want to push yourself).
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If any of the exercises are painful or uncomfortable please switch them for something that you are able to do. And remember not to undertake exercise after having a baby until you have your doctor’s clearance to do so.
28 day plan

5 Minutes
  • 1 min running on the spot
  • 1 min star jumps
  • 1 min high knees
  • 1 min burpees 
  • 1 min high kicks
4 Minutes
  • 1 min push ups 
  • 1 min lunges on left leg
  • 1 min lunges on right leg
  • 1 min push ups
3 Minutes
2 Minutes
  • 1 min sit-ups
  • 1 min scissor kicks
1 Minute

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Our Exercise DVD

Trying to fit in exercise when you are a busy mum is often easier said than done, but The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD has been created to help mums fit in exercise at home and can be done in bite sized chunks when it suits them and burns 450 – 550 calories per hour.
The DVD provides 6 safe and effective workout which are 10-15 minute in length and that target specific areas of a woman’s body to strengthen it, tone it up as well as helping to improve the fitness levels of mums performing the DVD.
The exercises in The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD are effective and safe and Lisa will guide you through each of the workouts. As well as assisting in the improvement of your overall fitness levels, the workouts in the DVD will also help in the burning of calories, the improvement of your core strength and the strengthening of your pelvic floor.
The six workouts are broken down into 10 and 15 minute sections that you can do when it suits you – or if you have the time and energy you can do the DVD as one 70 minute continuous workout. The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD also covers special considerations post-birth, such as caesarean sections, back strains, muscle separation, incontinence and pelvic floor issues.
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The Workout Summary

  1. 15 Minute Low Impact cardio workout – The Low Impact Cardio routine will improve your fitness and energy levels, as well as burning calories, while avoiding stress on your body – in particular, your vulnerable pelvic floor. This workout will put you on the path to being a fitter, leaner and more energetic version of you.
  2. 15 Minute toning cardio workout – By combining a low impact cardio conditioning routine with light resistance training, this energetic workout will make your heart and lungs stronger while burning calories and toning your arms, legs and butt. This is a great addition to the low impact routine, or as a stand-alone cardio option with the added bonus of arm and leg toning.
  3. 10 Minute upper Body workout – Conditioning your upper body will not only have you feeling and looking stronger, it will provide postural strengthening to combat stress on your upper back. You will also benefit from increased muscle stamina and definition, allowing you to keep up with your little ones.
  4. 10 Minute Lower Body workout –  Hone in on your butt and legs with this lower body strengthening workout. It will have you looking and feeling strong, toned and energised.
  5. 10 Minute Abs, Back & core workout – The abdominal, back and core muscles are at the centre of a healthy body. With these safe and effective exercises, you will improve your posture, help alleviate back pain and strengthen your pelvic floor while you regain your waist and condition your abs and back.
  6. 10 Minute Stretch & Relax-  Lengthen your muscles and relax your mind and body as you calmly and quietly stretch your body, top to toe.

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