28_day_challengeAre you put off even the best healthy eating recipe when the ingredients list is a bit too long? We hear you!
As busy mums trying to lose pregnancy weight, sometimes we just need a quick and easy recipe for a meal or snack that is foolproof.
So this week we have pulled together some of our favourite one ingredient (yes!), two, three, four and five ingredient recipes.

Sorbet11One Ingredient Fruit Sorbet

Yes just one ingredient – fruit! Grab whatever is in season, chop it, freeze it, then blend it. We love mango, melon or berries but really you can use whatever you have on hand.
Sometimes it really is the simplest things that can taste so good!
Recipe here.

healthy_eatingTwo Ingredient Home Made Pizza Dough

We were overwhelmed with cheering and high fives when we first published this recipe. Just two ingredients to make a family friendly pizza dough? Yes please!
No waiting around for the dough to rise, this is a super quick dough that can be topped with simple fresh ingredients and served with a green salad.
Why not just add some cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.
Recipe here.

healthy_eatingThree Ingredient Leg Of Lamb

Got a hungry family to feed, or friends coming for dinner? This is your new go-to recipe. Just throw it all in the oven and you’re ready to eat in no time.
There’s no pot-watching or vigorous stirring required – which means you are free to do other things.
Throw in your veggies at the same time as the lamb for a complete meal.
The leftovers are also delicious the next day in a wrap or salad.
Recipe here.

DIp-Collag1e-1024x10241Four Ingredient Tzatziki

Making your own dip is a great way to enjoy the flavours you love without the added sugars, salts and oils that are found in commercial dips.
Try serving this simple tzatziki with grilled meats, BBQ’d fish, on a sandwich or wrap, as a side order for a fresh salad, with grilled prawns, with lamb chops, with a roast chicken – anywhere you like.
Recipe here.

healthy_eatingFive Ingredient Spinach and Ricotta Chicken

To take a simple chicken breast from good to great, all you need is some spinach, ricotta and parsley.
When you are using good quality food for your meals, you can keep things simple with minimal ingredients.
And the best part is, while this dish looks really impressive it is actually incredibly easy. But you don’t need to tell anyone that…
Recipe here.

Bonus Recipe

5 recipes not enough? Here’s an extra quick 3 ingredient recipe for you to try out next time you feel like some homemade rissoles or burgers…

Three Ingredient Burgers

healthy_eatingJust grab 500g lean mince (it could be beef, pork or chicken) then crumble in ¼ cup of fetta and a handful of any chopped soft herb (think basil, parsley, coriander).
Use wet hands to mix the ingredients together and then form it into 6 patties.
Grill on the BBQ or in a hot frying pan until cooked to your liking.

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