healthy_eatingSweet snacks are among most people’s favourites, with chocolate surely being the number one most-craved food when trying to lose pregnancy weight.
You can include chocolate in your healthy eating plan, you just have to be mindful about how much chocolate you eat, what quality and how often.
Dark chocolate is a better choice than milk or white chocolate, as it contains antioxidants and usually less sugar than other varieties.
These delicious, low-calorie chocolate recipes have been designed to satisfy sweet cravings, without impacting too much on your weight loss goals.

Choc-Nut Orange Bites

Calories per serve: 136
These tempting morsels are not only scrumptious, they also deliver a hit of Vitamin C and good fats. Just cut a navel orange into small segments, and dip in melted dark chocolate, then roll in some crushed pistachios and hazelnuts. Dry and chill on a piece of waxed baking paper in the fridge and serve with toothpicks stuck in the end.

Chocolate Coconut Slice 

Calories per serve: 123
By using Weet Bix as the base, and avoiding white sugar and white flour, this recipe for Chocolate Coconut Slice manages to be both delicious and nutritious.
Recipe here

Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

Calories per serve: 70
Easy to make, you only need eat a small amount of these rich little morsels to be satisfied. Instead of eating blocks of poor quality chocolate or bags of sugar-filled lollies, just whip up a batch of these macaroons and enjoy here and there when the craving for something sweet hits.
Recipe here

Chocolate Popcorn CupcakesScreen-shot-2013-10-28-at-2.39.27-PM

Calories per serve: 30
A fun twist on traditional cupcakes, these creative popcorn cupcakes let you feel like you are having a treat, while not impacting on your calorie count too much. Make a batch of these for your kids birthday party, bake sale or for a movie night at home on the weekend.
Recipe here

Chocolate & Raisin Protein Cookies

Calories per serve: 115
Filled with the goodness of egg whites, oats and raisins, these protein cookies are the perfect mid-afternoon snack to give you the energy needed to power on through the day. They’re also a great lunchbox treat for the kids.
Recipe here
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