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Apricot Power Slice

June 7, 2016      

Apricot Power Slice

Apricot and coconut are a match made in heaven! There’s so much healthy goodness packed into these tasty NO-BAKE bars so that you can have a sweet indulgence while still losing baby weight. So quick and easy – toss the ingredients …

Turkey Burgers

June 7, 2016      

Delicious And Healthy Turkey Burgers

Whether you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey or wanting to maintain your healthy lifestyle, making things as simple as possible is one of the keys to success. So we have created The 5 Ingredients And Under Recipe …

how to make pizza dough

June 6, 2016      

5 Lazy (but healthy) Dinner Ideas To Avoid Takeaway

After a long day or week the thought of having to feed the family is enough to make you want to runaway and join the circus. While takeaway is tempting, it’s not cheap and you always feel bad afterwards because …

Lactation cookies

June 6, 2016      

Healthy Lactation Cookies Plus FREE Milk Supply Boosting Recipe eBook

When you’re losing baby weight you don’t want your milk supply (or your tastebuds!) to suffer. Healthy Mummy Cassandra has created this delicious cookie recipe that you can make as is, or add a variety of flavours. Peanut Butter & Choc …

Chocolate Thickie

June 4, 2016      

Chocolate Thickie PLUS 10 Healthy Mummy Banana Free Smoothies Recipes FREE

If you’re out of bananas, had enough of them, or the ones you have are too green, we have put together 10 of our favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothies in a Recipe Book that is a complete banana-free zone! Smoothies are …

Fruit and Nut Slice

June 3, 2016      

Chocolate Fruit And Nut Slice

Luckily you don’t need to avoid chocolate when losing baby weight with The Healthy Mummy. You just need to whip up this delicious recipe and get ready to be transported to chocolatey heaven. The nuts and berries will keep you feeling …

cinnamon rice pudding

June 2, 2016      

Cinnamon and Coconut Rice Pudding

This delicious rice pudding is a very simple dessert that feels super indulgent but is actually good for you. It’s the perfect addition to a healthy eating plan in winter too.  There’s no need to load up desserts with sugar when …

raspberry yoghurt bites

June 1, 2016      

Frozen Raspberry And Yoghurt Bites

These amazing little frozen raspberry and yoghurt bites are perfect for any after dinner or late night sweet cravings.  At only 50 calories each how could you resist?? If you’re following a healthy eating plan you can add these delicious little …

Low fat butter chicken

June 1, 2016      

Low Fat Butter Chicken

Just because you’re following a healthy eating plan, doesn’t mean you need to miss out on your favourite meals. This lovely butter chicken recipe is still just as rich and creamy as the full fat version, but contains only 290 calories per …

slow cooked porcupine meatballs

May 31, 2016      

Slow Cooked Porcupine Meatballs

Slow cooked, delicious and full of hidden veggies.  If you’re looking for a healthy dinner to feed the kids this winter then THIS IS IT.  These healthy porcupine meat balls can be enjoyed on their own, with mash, pasta or …

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