lose_baby_weightFor some of us, this journey called weight loss can be tough.
You might have tried several times to lose weight, tried all the diets, taken all the meal replacements, swallowed all the pills – and still nothing seems to be working.
Please know that you are not alone, and you are not doomed to fail.
If you have made the decision that you want to change, you have actually already taken the first step towards a healthier you.
Everyone seems to be looking for ‘the secret’ to weight loss.
Companies make big promises (and bigger profits) by offering hope to those of us who will try anything to lose the weight once and for all.
But more often than not, they fail to deliver as their approach is not sustainable in the long term. For instance it’s not sustainable to never eat carbs again, or never eat a biscuit again, or eat nothing but pre-packaged meals delivered to your door.
So you may be wondering what’s our secret here at Lose Baby Weight? What do we offer that has led to results like Linda Hallas losing 40kg, Erin Field losing 43kg and Chaye Challacombe losing over 35kg?
Well the secret is, there is no secret besides hard work and determination.
weight _loss
Our healthy eating plans, recipes and products are all designed around eating well and moving more. That’s all there is to it.
By eating ‘clean’ – that’s reducing the processed foods and upping the fresh stuff – you are giving your body the best chance possible to lose weight slowly and healthily. This is sustainable weight loss, and is what we recommend.
Our 28 Day Plan is a clean eating and easy to follow daily plan and our healthy mummy smoothies are healthy and convenient so if you don’t have time to cook a meal the smoothie is a healthy option which means you don’t end up making wrong food choices – you can read all about our plans here.
So if you are finding weight loss a bit of a struggle, read our tips below and see if they can help you to get back on track.

Clear out the junk and temptations

It is much much easier not to eat chocolate biscuits if they are not in the house. When you have unhealthy food in the house, it is much more difficult not to think about it until you just have to go and have some.
Even food for children can be tempting when you are trying to eat well, so be sure to only buy healthy snacks for them too.

Fill up on the good stuff

Fill your fridge, pantry and fruit bowl with healthy yet tempting foods. You want to make sure you don’t feel as though you are missing out.
So buy the nice Greek yoghurt instead of the sugary fruit flavoured ones.
Buy avocado to use instead of mayo.
Buy quinoa and brown rice instead of white pasta.
Have ingredients on hand for tasty meals and snacks instead of shopping several times per week.
Stack up your fruit bowl with loads of colours and textures so that it is tempting when you need a snack. Buy in-season fruits like mango and pineapple that you can enjoy when a sweet craving hits.
Have all of your smoothie ingredients prepped and ready to go each morning. That also means keeping your blender clean – wash it straight after each use so that it’s good to go.

Avoid unhealthy triggers

If there are certain situations, shops, or even people that can trigger the urge to eat less-than-healthy options – do your very best to avoid them.
Walk a different way to pre-school to avoid the bakery, meet friends for coffee instead of lunch to avoid overindulging socially, meet family for a movie or a walk instead of dinner if that means you can avoid the giant portions of your in-laws.
By being aware of your weak points, you can make an action plan to combat them.

Get your family on board

It is very difficult to eat well and exercise if you don’t have the full support of your family. Explain to them that you want to be healthy in order to have more energy to spend time with them, and that you want to be around for years to come to enjoy their company.
Discuss ideas for how you can still eat as a family – for instance you might let your partner choose 2 recipes per week for dinner and the kids can choose one too. Grab our Summer Cookbook or Chocolate Baking Book if you need inspiration.
Get the kids involved in your new healthy lifestyle – encourage the kids to help you bake healthy snacks, get them to choose the best looking fresh produce from the supermarket, and even get them involved in preparing the family meal.

Get support from Lose Baby Weight

You don’t need to feel as though you are doing this alone. Jump onto our Facebook page, sign up to our daily motivating emails on our website, and read some of the stories of other mums and how they reached their goals. And see how our plans work here

Set small goals with non-food rewards

If you feel as though your end-result is too big or too hard (for instance if you want to lose 30kg) it’s a good idea to set smaller goals along the way.
For instance you might decide to set a goal of losing 5kg by your next birthday. That way you have a smaller hurdle to focus on, and when you do get there you can treat yourself to a massage, new pair of shoes – whatever will help drive you to keep going.

Give yourself a break

There is no one who is perfect. We all have slip ups now and then, or decide to treat ourselves on a special occasion.
Remember that you are human, and that one day or one indulgent moment doesn’t mean that you should give up.
Anything that makes such a big change to your life and your body is going to take a lot of effort, so be kind to yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for how far you have come.
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