Mothers Group Corner

Mothers Groups are a GREAT way to connect with other mums and stay sane after having a baby – especially a new born baby. 
New born babies are hard work and a lot of mums can feel isolated and alone after the birth so having a group of mums to connect with (either on line or face to face) who are going through the same as you will be a huge help and support post partum.
They are also great for helping to prevent post natal depression as you get to talk to other mums about any difficulties you are having and the old saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is all too true here and connecting with other mums can give you the support you need and light that you need if you are feeling depressed trying to cope with the challenges of looking after your new born baby.
At Lose Baby Weight, we understand that mums need support in all aspect of their lives and that a happy mum often results in a happy baby so in light of this Mothers Group Corner will provide mums support, advice and help in each aspect of a new mums life to ensure that you can be as happy and healthy as can be.
We have enlisted experts in their field to give Lose Baby Weight mums the best advice possible in all aspects of a mum and baby’s life and we have specially created content on video and articles to help you navigate through the challenges of being a mum.

Post Partum Exercise Directory

Exercise after pregnancy is important but knowing what you should and shouldn’t do is confusing and you can end up doing more harm than good.  Click here to see a mums and bubs directory of groups on in your area and get advice on weight loss exercises that bust that stomach fat!

Pregnancy Weight loss – Lose Baby Weight

Some mums are ready to start losing their pregnancy weight a few months after the birth of their new born where as for some mums they don’t even think about it for over a year after their baby’s birth.
When to start losing the weight is a personal decision and when you feel the time is right the team at Lose Baby Weight is here to help you all the way.  We focus on you losing the weight in a healthy way, on healthy eating and on losing the stomach fat or baby belly that so many mums dislike.
Our weight loss plans are easy to follow and fit around you and your baby with no complicated routines or gym sessions to follow plus we are so confident that our plans work that we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all products – and you can see what other mums say about our plans here – and see their before and after shots.


Expert Personal Trainers

At Lose Baby Weight, we bring you the best in post pregnancy advice and information on what exercises to do post pregnancy.
Our personal trainer is also an expert in pilates and we show you how the best exercises to do to repair your stomach muscles post pregnancy and how to get into shape in a safe and healthy way.
Click here to meet our trainer and start watching her videos


Mothers_groupsMothers Groups Listing

Finding a Mothers Group in your area can be hard – see our advice on how to find one and see our links on existing groups – please click here to go through to the listings page

breastfeedingBreastfeeding Advice – Kate Hale

Breastfeeding can be hard for some mums and there are many challenges that a mum and new born can face including attachment issues, milk supply, sore nipples and mastitus to name but a few.
We have enlisted the help of experienced midwife and lactation specialist Kate from Happy Bubs Happy Mums to answer your questions and give her tips and advice when breastfeeding your new born baby. Click Here for Kate’s help and advice

Sleeping and Settling Advice – Pinky Mackay

Lack of sleep is something to be expected when you have a new born baby but not being able to get your new born to sleep or having trouble settling them can drive many mums slightly crazy so we have enlisted the services of Pinky Mackay to give her top 5 tips and advice on how to successfully settle your baby. Click here for Pinky’s help and advice


healthy_eatingNutrition in Breastfeeding – Kathleen Allume

After watching what you eat over pregnancy and steering clear of many foods in pregnancy many mums can feel confused about what they should or shouldn’t eat when breastfeeding and what foods to avoid.
Kathleen from The Right Balance discusses what foods you should eat in pregnancy and if there are foods that can boost your milk supply. Click here for Kathleen’s help and advice
And don’t forget to check out our current promotions and discounts page to see what specials we have on this week on our Healthy Mummy product range