Mothers Groups Listings

Mothers_groupFinding a Mother’s Group in your area can be hard work!  Dates and times change all the time and it can be hard to keep up.  We have listed below some places to get your search started when you are looking for a Mothers Group in your area.

  • The Australian Breastfeeding Association run a fantastic service where they have free mothers groups on in all states and which provide an extra support with breastfeeding help – you can check the listings out here.
  • There is also a fantastic Facebook page which is dedicated to Australian Mothers Groups and is great support for mums online – click here to view
  • is a national online directory designed for parents to quickly find mother’s groups and things to do, see and experience with their children
  • We also suggest you looking at the Playgroup site which is a great resource and listing for mums wanting to find a playgroup.
  • If you need to find a Mother’s Group for very new babies try searching for your local “Early Childhood Centre” in Google as these are great if your baby is under 8 weeks old

To view our Mother’s Group Corner page with advice from Parenting experts on sleep and settling, breastfeeding, nutrition and post pregnancy weight loss please click here