To my fellow December Housework Challenge Mummies,
I have lost over 15 kilos since discovering Lose Baby Weight in July of this year.
Before Lose Baby Weight I was a complete couch potato. I drove to the milk bar, which is about 500m from my house. I would wait to get a car park as close to the shops as I could so i didn’t have to walk at all. I would hang my clothes on clothes horses instead of walking the basket to the washing line. I was lazy, I was unmotivated and I was terribly unhappy.
In July I took the first steps to becoming the best me I could be, the best wife to my husband and the very best mother to my children. Lose Baby Weight has taught me the skills I need to eat a healthy and well balanced diet and has instilled a deep love of exercise.
I crave my daily workout but I am easily bored and like to keep myself motivated by mixing up my routine.
A few weeks back I had an epiphany. Something I had been doing for a while became crystal clear and I just had to share it with the group! I exercise at EVERY opportunity. I park my car as far away from the shops as I can to keep my steps up. If I’m watching television I’ve got my hand weights and I am doing bicep curls. I do calf raises when I’m washing the dishes. And I make every housework chore a sweat inducing workout.
The idea of a fun Housework challenge was born and the team at the Healthy Mummy bought us the fantastic December housework challenge. To date I have gotten sweaty cleaning windows and doors, slept in fresh bedsheets that cost me side lunges and squatted too many times to count hanging out washing and re-organising my linen cupboard.cleaning2
I wanted to prove just how easy it is to get your heart rate up doing everyday tasks. Sometimes we don’t have the time to fit in scheduled exercise but if we turn what we are already doing into a workout those days don’t seem so bad.
Until next time xxx
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