Here at Lose Baby Weight we are 100% dedicated to keeping you as active as possible- even throughout one of the most busiest months of the year. (and don’t forget that sign ups are NOW OPEN for the January 2015 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge)
This month motivating mum Rae Willingham, who has lost 15kg using the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans, Smoothies and Challenges has jumped on board to help bring you the December House Cleaning Challenge.
Rae will be posting daily house chores for us all to do but with a twist! Make sure you are a member of our Private Facebook Support Group to get Rae’s daily updates.
Over to you Rae….

“Hello Gorgeous Ladies,
Eeek! Christmas is so close I can almost hear Santa’s bells.
Lately I have been very focused on my new lifestyle and I have had to make sacrifices. The biggest sacrifice has been my house. It’s a bombsite. No really, I actually tell people we have had a warhead land here so they look at me with sympathy instead of disgust! I’m making myself sound very yucky, its not that bad, my house is clean, you could eat off of my floors, my 15 month old being still alive is testament to this. But the larger jobs have been put on the backburner and no matter how hard I try, I am finding myself sinking. Finding the perfect balance is a real art and I am honest enough to tell you that I still haven’t quite gotten it right yet. Far from it, at the start of my journey I felt no guilt about letting my house go; at that point I needed to focus primarily on my health but now I am feeling muddled and unorganized and my messy house is causing me stress.
November was a real eye opener for me, I have really struggled this month to keep on top of things and have been feeling very overwhelmed and stressed. Sleep derivation has played a part thanks to eye teeth. Grrr! I have thankfully stayed on track with my diet and exercise. I knew I had to reshuffle my housework regime so I can be prepared and excited going into the Christmas season.
I have been working alongside The Healthy Mummy to bring you the December Cleaning Challenge to get your house AND body in tiptop shape just in time for the holidays. For the 20 days leading up to Christmas I am going to deck the halls, dust the cobwebs, throw out the out of date spices in my pantry and get my house looking spiffing all whilst maintaining my new found passion for exercise simply by combining my cleaning with my workout. You can make any chore a workout by upping the tempo and adding in some simple exercises.
I’ll be posting a daily update and progress shots of my house from December 1st to the 20th on The Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Support Group on Facebook. I am positive I am not the only Healthy Mummy who has been finding it hard to run a household and take some much needed time for herself and her body. I’m hoping that we can all have a bit of fun with the December Cleaning Challenge; that we can get ourselves out of the chaos and start to relax and unwind going into the holiday season. Wish me luck!
Rae xx”
You can see Rae’s latest update here

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