Healthy Mummy Smoothie 96% Sugar Free

At The Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight, we are committed to creating products, plans and services that will improve your health. Your health is our number 1 consideration.

96% sugar free

And in light of this we are delighted to be able to say that our best selling Healthy Mummy Smoothies are 96% sugar free and completely fructose free – and as always we do not use artificial sweeteners. And you can jump straight to our shop here
As a sweetener we use a natural sweetener called Thaumatin. Sugar Free

What is Thaumatin

Thaumatin is a sweet protein which is isolated from the katemfe fruit found in the West African rain forests and is now commonly being used as a natural sweetener in food products all over the world.

Why less sugar in your diet is a good thing

Greater amounts of sugars will increase blood sugar level fluctuations, levying you feeling tired and hungry once the blood sugar levels drip. Reducing the total sugar in your diet helps to avoid this. If more sugars enter the bloodstream and are not used as energy, they will be stored as fat.

3 reasons why it is great for weight loss

  1. The  formulation has an extremely low sugar content, so that excess blood sugar will not be stored as fat.
  2. Reducing the sugar content also reduces the calorie content of the product. Lower energy per serve means better weight loss overall due to less energy input. 
  3. The fibre content per serve is high to allow for better bowel habits and a greater feeling of fullness
  4. Increased sugars intake causes blood sugar level fluctuations, leaving you feeling tired and hungry. Reducing the total sugar in your diet helps to avoid this

Better value

The smoothies are also now better value than ever before – with serve size increasing from 16 to 18 serves per tub. This now means that the smoothies cost $2.50 a serve – and this is BEFORE you apply any discount code you may be using.
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Premium health product

We are extremely proud of our Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

Our smoothies are free of all chemicals, caffeine, fillers and artificial sweeteners and as well as being high in protein they are also high in fibre and contain over 24 vitamins and minerals.

The smoothies are made with quality, whole food ingredients- made in Australia. They are also great wheat and dairy free and made in Australia.


We pride ourselves in leading the way in creating healthy products and our Healthy Mummy Smoothies are very different to other ‘shakes’ that you will often find on the super market shelves. Our smoothies are specifically created as a healthy meal alternative for busy mums who are too tired or busy to make breakfast or lunch.

Most other brands are high in sugar (major brands like Fat Blaster, Tony Ferguson, Celebrity Slim, Optifast are all between 30-50% sugar) and many contain caffeine, fillers, artificial sweeteners and chemicals. You can see a full comparison chart here.

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 You can see a full comparison chart here of all main brands.

Our weight loss plans offer full and detailed meal plans, fantastic support and online challenges which can incorporate the smoothies as a meal replacement option. Our focus is and always has been about healthy weight loss solutions for busy mums.

You can also download the Healthy Mummy Smoothie label and nutrition information Here

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