Motivating Mum Rae Willingham has lost over an amazing 13kgs with Lose Baby Weight shares how she has discovered a love for running!

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Hello Lovely Ladies,
I cannot believe that we are half way through this month already, which means its time for me to check in.
This month I have discovered a love for running! I know, I was pretty shocked too at first. I have gone from a couch potato to a runner! What the?!
Lots of people are asking how they can find the time to fit exercise in each day and the key is to make the time and fit in what you can, where you can.
My eldest is a late to bed kinda gal, its very rare that she goes down before 8pm so daylight savings has been a god send for me. I tuck little miss into bed, kiss my husband hello as he walks in from a long days work and off I go. I love running at this time of night. I love listening to the sounds of the birds are they head off to sleep, the smell of the evening flowers and the haze of the last of the days light fading out. It is almost romantic. I am by no means ready to run a marathon, although that is my aim. I’m starting slow and taking my time to build up my fitness and ensure I don’t cause myself any injuries. I have invested in amazing footwear and I make sure to stretch out before and after.
My advice to any of you thinking of getting your fitness up is to find an exercise that you LOVE. Try out your local netball team; search out a yoga class, a boxing class, a pole dancing class. Try them all out and find something that makes you want to do it again and again. Exercise should not be a burden, not if you find an exercise that you like. You will find the joy in it like I have with running and it will become an escape not a chore. Start out slow and listen to your body;  always engage your core and remember to warm up and stretch out afterwards.
November has also seen me get adventurous in the kitchen, for the first few months of my life style change I loved the safety net of following the Lose Baby Weight Plans to the letter. Recently though I have started to experiment with recipes of my own, Lose Baby Weight has taught me so much about nutrition and healthy food choices that I have now built up the confidence to put that new found knowledge to work. Just today I put together the most delicious Lemon Meringue smoothie and was so inspired I followed it up with some Chewy Lemon Meringue inspired balls. Which will be on the website soon. They are amazing , have a search for the recipe and give them a try.
Rae xx
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