If you are looking for some healthy eating inspiration and some extra weight loss inspiration as part of your healthy eating plans then here is our pick of the day to help you have a healthy day – plus super tasty and active!

Healthy Treat & Snack

Need a chocolate treat but want to avoid the chocolate bars? The try our yummy Chocolate & Hazelnut Choc Pots packed full of yummy goodness and really quick and easy to make
See the recipe here


Yummy Smoothie

Stuck for a healthy mummy smoothie idea?
Try this delicious Banana & Chia Seed Smoothie that is jammed full of nutrients and taste
See the recipe here
Banana Smoothie

Healthy Dinner

Not sure what to have for dinner? Try these easy to make and are a hit with the toddlers fish cakes – as well as being a hit with the adults!
See the recipe here
Salmon Patties

Easy Exercises

If you are struggling to fit in some exercise, here are 5 easy exercises you can do in your lounge room – even with kids jumping all over you!
See the 5 exercises here