weight_lossIf mangoes and melons are the fruits we typically think of when we think of ‘summer’, then pineapple can’t be too far behind. This spiky, QLD grown beauty is filler fruit in everything from fruit salads to pineapple flavoured cakes, and with good reason.
High in vitamin C and fibre and low in calories, a couple of slices of pineapple make a great addition to a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack.
Pineapple is also a fabulous fruit when it comes to weight loss. Nicknamed the ‘natural weight loss food’, pineapple contains no fat and has a low calorie count which makes it a ‘low energy density fruit’. This means that it provides a decent mouthful for fewer calories. Two slices of juicy pineapple contain around 80 calories (depending on the size) and is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.
While not a huge serving of food, it’s enough to keep energy levels stable and prevent hunger pangs from striking. Compared to how big a serving of biscuits you’d get for 80 calories (probably around half to three quarters of a Tim Tam), 80 calories worth of high energy/high calorie food starts to look like a very small amount. This will usually mean you eat more than one serving to fill your tummy. Sticking with a fruit like pineapple is definitely the best option when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss.
Pineapple is also the fifth top fruit for water content, due to it being 87% H20 (beaten only by the melons we all know and love, grapefruit and strawberries). Fruits that contain a high level of water can help encourage weight loss in two ways; by increasing our bodies overall water intake and by creating a feeling of fullness which means we are less likely to continue to consume calories (no one likes the feeling of stuffing an already stuffed tummy!).
Add fibre, essential for preventing constipation and keeping things moving (so to speak), to all that water and it’s no wonder pineapple ticks a whole load of the weight loss boxes.
Last but not least, pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. While studies are still being carried out, research has found this enzyme to be a powerful anti-inflammatory that also aids the digestion process. This is good news as healthy digestion usually leads to healthy weight loss. Bromelain is also reported to strengthen muscles and improve skin elasticity. Some sources state that pineapple can actually help reduce or prevent cellulite but there’s a distinct lack of science supporting that claim at this stage.

5 easy ways to incorporate pineapple into your diet
  • In your Healthy Mummy Smoothie. Try this delish Pineapple and Mint recipe. So refreshing!
  • On the BBQ – Grilled pineapple makes a yummy addition to a salad or is tasty on it’s own. Try throwing some rings on a hot BBQ or grill plate till they are gently charred. Yum!
  • As a dessert – Served on its own or with a little bit of icecream, pineapple is a great low calorie dessert. Or try this Spiced Pineapple Dessert for something a little bit special (but still healthy).
  • For breakfast – Fruit salad is a quick and easy recipe for a summery breakfast. Check out our version here.
  • As part of a salad – Add a sweet tang to your greens with fresh or tinned pineapple. Yum!
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