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Tasheena’s Update

Hey everyone so it’s been another week since my 2nd blog and I’m feeling so much more energised, besides the normal drained mum feeling when you get up after having 2-3 hours sleep every night from your teething baby lol I think we all can relate to that!
I find having the Healthy Mummy Smoothies give me a bit of a kick start in the morning even better then coffee and I love coffee I think my new favourite smoothie is the Dairy Free Super Smoothie.
I tried this morning wow that was full of flavour and definitely a pick me up which I needed. Plus my pharmacy Live Life Mossman in QLD is finally selling the smoothies which I’m so excited about!!! (PS if you want your own local pharmacy to stock the Healthy Mummy Smoothies go in and ask them to stock them and ask them to contact The Healthy Mummy team on 02 8094 8775)


I’m also feeling a lot stronger since doing the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD for the last 2 weeks, 5 times a week, especially in my back, arms, buns and thighs, I have scoliosis and I’m finding this great for my back as I have to build muscle to make my back stronger which is definitely happening.
My thighs and buns are definitely shrinking.
I have lost this week

  • Thighs – 2.6cm all up – 18.5cm
  • Waist – 1.5cm all up – 25.5cm
  • Hips – 1.8cm all up – 25.7cm
  • Bust – 0.1cm all up- 12.6cm

Plus the scales have moved I’ve lost 1.2kgs this week and all up 21.4kgs down woohoo I’m happy!!!
This week I really enjoyed making the Choc Chip Quinoa balls and Nutty Quinoa Balls from the 28 Day Diet plan I will be making another batch of the Homemade Muesli bars on the weekend from the Spring and Summer Cookbook which is such a hit in my house.
I’m enjoying all the healthy snack ideas in the Calorie Bible they have so many snack ideas for under 50 calories.
I’m trying to eat a lot more fresh fruit and veggies in my day to make my body work a lot more efficiently and also save on extra calories from processed food. Plus drink more water.
I have also done up a Get Ready for Summer Challenge Goal sheet which I have put on my fridge for motivation, this was a great idea I got from another mum who posted on the Facebook Lose Baby Weight page.
My diet coke goal went out the window as my partner bought me some being loving and I felt bad and drank it but I had to remind him that I don’t want anymore diet coke. So to start again!
It’s also my partner’s birthday on Monday and I’m planning on making a healthy cake from the Lose Baby Weight website.
See you next week x
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