Everyone is raving about stroller workouts and exercises these days, so we would like to share a couple of exercise tips that you can easily perform when going to the park with your baby.
Stroller exercises are great because it is a fun way to lose baby weight, and the variety of stroller movements is sure to be really enjoyable for your baby! So, grab your stroller and let’s get started now!
Warm up – Work out the kinks from your body by doing some head rolls and shoulder rolls. Start off with an easy walk/stroll. The most common problem with pushing a stroller is that mums tend to slouch.
So, remember to keep your shoulders down and back straight. Do this for approximately 5 minutes or until you feel that your body is warmed up.
Lunges – Now, this is where the real workout begins. Stand behind the stroller with your hands on the handle bar. Make sure that your hands are shoulder width apart and keep your back straight. Then take a huge step forward with your right leg and move the stroller at the same time.
Your right leg should be bent 90 degrees and your thigh parallel to the ground. Try to get your left knee close to the ground. Return to your standing position and keep lunging forward. Include this great exercise into your post pregnancy workout plan to get toned legs and glutes.
Squats – Once again, stand behind the stroller with your hands on the handle bar and keep them shoulder width apart. Alternatively, you can choose to do it at the front of your stroller whilst facing your baby. Begin at a standing position with your feet about hips width apart.
Then, squat down as if you are about to sit on a chair. Squeeze your glutes (bum muscles) tight when returning to your starting position. Be careful not to put too much weight on the stroller as you wouldn’t want it to tip over.
Single arm chest press – This post pregnancy exercise focuses on toning your chest muscles. Stand behind your stroller with one hand on the handlebar. Make sure your elbow is bent so that you can extend it during the pushing motion. Use that arm to push the stroller.
Return to your starting position and repeat for 12 times. Switch arms and repeat these steps. To add resistance to this exercise, you can do it on a slight slope in the park (optional).
Abdominal pull – This is another great way to tone your abs to get the best post pregnancy weight loss results. Stand behind your stroller but this time turn your body sideways so that your right side is facing the handlebar.
With your right hand gripping the handlebar, extend your arm to move the stroller away whilst reaching overhead with your left arm. Your right arm should be fully extended. Use your left abdominal muscles to pull the stroller back. Try to focus on pulling your ribs to the hips. Repeat for 10 reps and switch to your left side.

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