The journey to losing weight is often a daunting one. It is filled with both embarrassment, despair, and not knowing where to start. This was me in September of last year – my son was 7 months old, and I felt uncomfortable, and my clothes all were tight on me. It was still too easy to wear maternity jeans and tops, as they were stretchy and forgiving.
My journey began with a comment from my neighbour – a sweet, elderly man whom we speak to often. He asked if I were expecting again! This made me realise I didn’t look the same as before I had my son James, as much as I thought I was close to. Nobody had ever mistaken me for a pregnant woman before, how embarrassing! Later that night I saw Jessica’s story on the Lose Baby Weight Instagram page. I wanted to be just like her!
weight loss results
My husband and I looked at all the weight loss programmes and ended up purchasing the trial kit. I was so excited to start using the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Book  and the Healthy Mummy Smoothies.
I had reached the point of not even knowing where to start with my healthy eating. I was breastfeeding at the time, and was so relieved to find a smoothie mix that was breastfeeding friendly. The recipes in the book were very easy to follow, and quick to make. I also signed up for the members area on the webpage, and have been tracking my measurements since September too.
I was honestly surprised to find the healthy mummy smoothies to be incredibly moreish and delicious – and definitely a good motivation to get out of bed in the morning.
They gave me stacks of energy, and my husband was so pleased with the results. I lost two kilos in the first week! My favourite smoothie so far is the Rockmelon, Pear, and Coconut Smoothie .
I have found the smoothies are also very satisfying, and a good start to the day. With the smoothies, it is encouraging to know you have had a nourishing breakfast, as we often forget to start the day well, with demanding children of a morning. The back of the smoothie tub suggests to drink 8 glasses of water each day, as well as go for a 45 minute walk – both of these tips are great for making you feel good, as well as getting some fresh air to clear your head. I know there are days when being a mum gives you lots of cabin fever!
My favourite recipes are the chicken pear salad from the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Book – it is delicious! The cook book is so helpful in it’s serving sizes, and the calories have already been worked out for you. It’s not uncommon for me to flick through the cookbook, or scroll through the website when I am doing my weekly meal planning.
The Apple, Banana, and Date Bread from the website has been the most popular morning tea by far. I make it weekly, and I even made a loaf while writing this blog post up for you – it’s so tasty, and so low in calories. I don’t think I’ll ever make regular banana bread again. My son and husband devour it, and it has well received as gifts to friends upon visiting their house.
Since starting my journey with Lose Baby Weight, all the guests who have come to visit have been subjected to flicking through the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Book trying something I made from the webpage – the Zucchini and Feta loaf or being encouraged to have a whiff of the smoothie tub contents. The consensus is it smells like yummy wafer biscuits. Could you really resist that smell first thing in the morning?
My weight went through a plateau period around the end of last year, but I am back on track to losing the remainder of my baby weight in the next few weeks. I look forward to sharing with you my May with you all. I plan on trying more of the recipes from the Lose Baby Weight website, including the Comfort Eating Weight Loss Plan ebook which I have just received. My weight being the heaviest I had been 7 months after giving birth was was a serious wake up call to taking my health seriously, for the benefit of my family, and myself. I have since started running 3 days a week, using the exercise bike, I take my son for walks to the park, and walks to meet his Daddy after work. I’ll be posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest lots of photos to keep you motivated! I hope you stick around and follow me,
Sarah Jane Rochester xx
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