Hi again Mums!
This is my last week of being a Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mum, and I’m proud to say 12 kilograms are gone, and I’m a happy and healthy 63 kilograms.
Many women ask me about my post pregnancy weight loss journey and one of the parts that I have found to be of importance is focussing on others, and focussing on all my positives! My pregnancy weight loss really took off when I started helping others out, encouraging others, and being thankful for all the wonderful blessings in my life!
I just wanted to share with you some things I have gained with my weight loss… there is a lot to be gained in the past 9 months!
Seven things which I have gained:

1) New Confidence

My husband told me last year he didn’t care about any extra baby weight I was carrying, all he cared was I was no longer confident with my body. I stopped dressing up, and I thought that being a mum equalled being daggy forever. I have my confidence back now, I dress in nice clothes, and my husband is always telling me how proud he is of me starting with Lose Baby Weight, and being a Motivating Mum. Having your own cheer squad really helps the journey along.

Lose Baby Weight, Motivating Mum

2. New Knowledge

I have acquired a wealth of information in regards to how weight loss works. I used to think it was all a mystery, and I was fumbling around trying to find the ‘secret’ that would unlock it for me. Was I supposed to give up dairy? Never eat chocolate again? Run 10km a day? Start the day with 1000 crunches? I have learned that I needed to learn to nourish my body with healthy foods, and make sure my calories in was less than calories out.

The Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Plan taught me to enjoy healthy meals, what serving sizes to have and how much better I felt when I ate well and had a Healthy Mummy Smoothie in the morning.

healthy eating diet plan, best ways to lose weight

3) New Love

I now have a passion for exercising. I run now. A lot. And I really love it. I thrive off working out, and I’m a massive mummy grouch when I don’t exercise a lot during the week. It’s a great stress reliever, time for me, and it’s great watching what my body can do and achieve.

I started just walking with the pram at the beginning – then moved onto running once I had weaned. I made sure my body was ready before I started any exercise programme – and any questions I took to my GP or women’s physio first.

exercise to lose baby weight

4) New Desire

I love to help others with their journeys. It is good to be at the point to be able to encourage and inspire others to get started, or continue on their path to being healthy. Mummies need to learn to encourage one another rather than compare with each other. We are all sized and shaped differently, but we all want to be healthy and happy for our kids!

5) New Achievement

After carrying a baby and surviving the birth and the first months of sleeplessness, made me realise I can achieve a lot more than I thought I could (despite having a few university degrees on the wall, I still thought being a new mum was harder!). This journey has shown I have a lot more drive, determination, and stamina than I thought I did.

Lose Baby Weight

6) New Empathy

Losing weight is HARD. It takes days, after weeks, after months of eating well and exercising. It takes picking yourself up after a bad day, and starting again. It means not listening to any internal or external voices telling you it can’t be done. I have learned to be more empathetic to other mums who struggle to lose their baby weight. I never would’ve learnt this skill if my weight had just fallen off without trying.

lose baby weight plans, healthy eating diet plan

7) New Body

While I have lost all my weight now, my body is different. Sure, I have wider hips, ribcage, and stretch marks, I am also more toned, fit, and healthy. I hold my head up high knowing that THIS body carried a baby, and fed it for the first year.

The female body is exceptional, and we need to remember that – my husband has taught me that models portrayed in magazines often have an unrealistic body physique for full time mums and are often highly edited. They are not the role models we should be aspiring to. I just focus on making me better, stronger, and healthier as the day before.

lose baby weight plans, healthy eating diet plan, best ways to lose weight

Thank you again, Rhian and the team at Lose Baby Weight for helping me to lose the baby weight! I’ll keep you all updated with my progress as I’m now just working hard to make me the best version of me – for my family, and myself.

Sarah Jane Rochester xx

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