Hi Lose Baby Weight Mummies,
I have been (hopefully!) motivating you for the past week now, through the Facebook page, and the new Facebook Private Group – with photos of my smoothies, meals, and exercise regime. I thought it was time to send through a blog post update with the all important information – how the scales are going.
When I applied for the Motivating Mummy role, I had lost 8.5 kilos – now only 2.5 weeks later, I’m down 10.3 kilos – and feeling great! (I’m now 64.7 kilos, and 168cm tall – for your reference) Below is a new and updated progress photo for you to see – the change is becoming more apparent with each new photo. Remember to take your ‘before’ photos at the start of your journey – you won’t regret it when you have great ‘after’ or ‘progress’ photos to compare with!
I have started the Healthy Mummy smoothies again as a part of my Motivating Mummy role. I had forgotten how delicious they are, and how much energy I have! Yesterday I clocked 12 kilometres with two pram walks, and an afternoon run. Phew!
I cannot recommend the smoothies enough.
I have also tried the almond chocolate treats – they are incredibly delicious! Wow! It’s great with those who have a sweet tooth. This week also started my taking of the Fish Oil tablets available in the shop. I am interested to see how they work with me! Watch this space.
I am so excited to be a part of the new Facebook group. Be sure to join, so you can join the conversation and support network!
I’ll chat to you there,
Sarah Jane Rochester xx
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