Sally Jones Motivating Mum of 2 has lost an incredible 17kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is now in the healthy waist line category under 80cms for females to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease! You can see Sally’s progress here.
Well done Sally!!!

I am Sally. I am one of your Motivating Mums for the month of September.
I am a SAHM to 2 children who drive me MENTAL! But I love them no end. I don’t sleep enough, I don’t clean my house enough, and I definitely don’t exercise enough. But know what… my kids are healthy, happy and thriving. And most days I feel good… inside and out.
I started off the month Gang-busters! 28 Day Challenge started! Super excited! Into it, exercises, food, whole 9 yards, and I lost a kilo in the first week. Being a Motivating Mum actually motivated me. I decided to recalculate my calories and get into it after a slack few weeks.
The last week though, MAN FLU HAS STRUCK OUR HOUSE! A few days of vomiting children followed by mummy being down for the count has meant that I couldn’t get out of bed for the last 2 days. The other night I put body wash on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste, looked at it and thought ‘That’s not toothpaste’ but still proceeded to place the toothbrush in my mouth. (I highly discourage anyone else from trying this!) The only things that don’t make me nauseous are grapes, blueberries and orange juice. So I have been making a blueberry and Cacao Healthy Mummy Smoothie every morning, pumping myself full of water, freshly squeezed Juice and Grapes.
If I don’t eat I know I won’t get better. Can’t fight a body battle without the right food. Usually when I get sick… I gain weight. Not eating or drinking, combined with irregular sleep, germs, and barely moving lead to bloating, muscle loss and all round icky-ness. So I think the ease of making a Healthy Mummy Smoothie really helped this time around. I haven’t been sick in over 18 months so this was a real snowball…babies, mummy, daddy, grandparents,  everyone in the extended family is sick so no one can help out much.
Then to round out the week, My Hubby and my Dad have decided it’s time for us to start a business. A take away Fish and Chip business at that. Because obviously everyone wants me to be an elephant! I will be strong! I will make him incorporate salads and grilled meats into the menu!
Today I am 68.1kg. Healthiest I have probably been in my entire life. My Waist circumference is 79cm!!! This is very important to me as it reduces my chance of diabetes and heart disease! Both of which run in my family.  Takes my total weight loss to 17 kilograms. My Total Centre meters lost is 60. Most surprising of which was 3.5cm off my neck! (And a very pleasing 12cm off my waist).
Don’t give up on your goals. Don’t let the world get you down. Weight loss is a Journey of many MANY steps… and step classes
Sally Jones
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