Motivating Mum Rae has lost an incredible 15kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about the benefits of fluid.

Hi lovely ladies,
I have been using the Lose Baby Weight Plans since July of this year and in that time have lost 15kg. I started off using the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan book and have since done 2, 28 Day Challenges. I am now a challenge addict and will be doing them for life! If you have been thinking about joining the January challenge I cannot urge you strongly enough to do it. You won’t regret it.
28 day challenge
This month I wanted to talk to you all about the important changes I have made to my lifestyle that have enabled me to lose the baby weight. In my last blog I spoke about the amazing Facebook support group, it is the most inspirational group on the internet, if you haven’t had a look then you really should. Right now!
I am going to focus this blog on fluid.
Before Lose Baby Weight I would be lucky to drink 2 glasses of water a day. Most of the time those 2 glasses would be cordial too. I would drink a can of coke zero with lunch and have at least 2 coffees throughout the day.
My fluid intake after discovering Lose Baby Weight is a lot different. First thing in the morning I have a warm lemon water. Lemon water has so many benefits. Firstly it is a natural diuretic, it will help to flush out a lot of the toxins that have nested in your body. It is so full of antioxidants and aids in digestion. I have noticed a huge difference since having started drinking lemon water each morning half of an hour before breakfast.
I am now a green tea addict, I drink a cup of green tea after every meal. Green tea is another fantastic digestion aid and helps boost your metabolism, it is packed full of antioxidants too. On the days that it is too hot to drink a warm green tea I drink a cooled version. I brew my tea at 80 degrees then once it is cooled I’ll add lots of ice and if I’m feeling fancy, some mint springs or lemon! It is super refreshing. I am also a huge Matcha fan. Matcha green tea provides all of the benefits of green tea but is 10 times more potent because it is made from the whole plant and not just the leaf.
I drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Most days it would be closer to 4 litres. On the days that I don’t get my water intake right I am much more bloated and my weight loss will stagnate.
Soft drink is a thing of the past now, I can’t remember the last time I drank a can of the stuff.  Alcohol is also not a regular indulgence any more. On the odd occasion that I do have an alcoholic drink I make it a spirit and soda water. The calories are much lower than in other options. Alcohol will have negative impact on your weight loss and should be enjoyed occasionally.
All of these changes have made such a huge impact on my successful lifestyle change. I urge anyone reading this to have a quick look at their fluid intake and see if you can make any changes.
I’ll see you all in a few weeks for another update.
Rae xx
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