lose_baby_weightDo you find that you have some pretty good excuses that you use for not eating well or exercising?
If you’re too tired, too busy, or just feeling as though weight loss won’t work for you – read our tips and see if we can help to turn things around.

‘I don’t have time’

Bad habits, rather than a lack of time, are often the reason for making poor food choices or not exercising. But if you eat what you’ve always eaten, you will weigh what you’ve always weighed. So now is the time to break those habits for good.
Make a promise to yourself not to use your lifestyle as an excuse for not losing weight, and instead resolve to change your lifestyle so that you can focus on your goals.
There are loads of ways to save time on your cooking.

  • Cook in bulk and freeze for busy nights.
  • Prepare your lunches for the week on a Sunday (e.g. roast up lots of veggies for salads, or prepare a big pot of soup).
  • Get the kids or your partner involved to help out if possible.
  • Pre-chop your veggies and keep in the fridge for quick stir fries or soups.
  • Cook extra brown rice and freeze in 1 cup portions which you can then defrost as needed.
‘My family are fussy eaters and I don’t want to cook twice’

Once again, it’s often habit that has caused this feeling of fussiness to take over what is served for dinner. If you don’t challenge your kids to try new things and expand their taste buds beyond nuggets or pasta it will be very difficult for you to stay focused on your weight loss and give them healthy eating habits for the future.
Get the kids to help choosing the menu and picking out ingredients at the supermarket. Let them help to prepare the food (if age appropriate) and allow them to have input into the weekly meal plan (within reason of course).
We have loads of family friendly recipes on our website that are tasty AND healthy. Try making these and then expand the choices from there:

‘I’m just so tired all the time’

This is such a common complaint as a parent that often we don’t even realise we are saying it so often. And yes, you may be feeling very tired due to broken sleep, sick kids, teething babies, or work schedules, but the fact is that eating healthier foods will actually make you feel so much better.
Sure if may be easy to grab some take away or eat biscuits/cakes/sweets to get you through the day. But when you eat junk food, it actually zaps you of your energy and makes you feel even more tired.
Instead of making excuses for eating poorly, make some changes in your life that can see you feeling more energetic – and that starts with what you put in your mouth.

  • Replace the cakes and biscuits with fruit, nuts, yoghurt, or some of our healthy treats from our website.
  • Make the time for a short walk each day and try to build it up from there.
  • Avoid triggers for bad food choices if you can – for instance you might try to walk a different way to work to avoid a bakery that you can’t resist going into, or pack a snack in your bag when you go to buy a coffee so that you aren’t tempted by their sugary muffins and cakes.
  • Prepare your fruit for your Healthy Mummy Smoothies and keep it in the freezer so that you can just grab it and go each morning – you can make a smoothie before you’ve had time to even properly wake up.
‘I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work’

Most likely what you’ve tried in the past are short term fad diets that ask you to cut out whole food groups or deprive yourself completely of some of your favourite things.
This is where the Lose Baby Weight program is different – we are realistic about what is possible.

  • Cut out or reduce as much of the processed food as you can – that’s biscuits, white pasta, sweets, white bread, donuts, chocolate bars, soft drinks, chips and ice cream.
  • Bulk up your diet with fresh fruit and veg, lean meats, healthy nuts, good quality dairy and plenty of water.
  • Check out the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Plan for some specific guidance on what to eat and when in order to lose weight.
  • Try some gentle exercise such as walking, or for a more structured approach try our post pregnancy workout DVD which is broken down into 15 minute segments that you can fit into your busy day.
  • Or if you want some serious structure and daily hand holding and guidance join our 28 Day online Challenges where you do them with 1000’s of other mums – and everyone ensures you cross the finish line together

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