After 12 months of hard work, research and product development we are DELIGHTED to be able to bring you (drum roll please….) The Healthy Mummy Range.
rangeFor anyone who follows our Facebook, is on our weight loss plans or reads our website you will know we are passionate about helping as many mums as possible to get fit and healthy – no matter how old their babies or children are and we work around the clock offering advice, tips, plans and inspirational stories to help you feel great.
We launched our Lose Baby Weight business in 2010 and it has been a whirl wind with mums on our plans losing over 200,000kg.
And we really do do it as we have a burning ambition to do something significant and worthwhile to help mums get healthy.
We take all feedback on and we LOVE the feedback as it is through the feedback that has led us to create the free members area tracking tool, the 28 Day Breastfeeding Diet & Exercise Plan, The Winter Warmer Plan, the 500+ weight loss recipes on the site and the topic we cover in our daily blog.
But perhaps the proudest moment we now have is being able to bring you a new product that has been developed especially for mums and is also safe for use if you are breastfeeding.
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What is The Healthy Mummy Range?

The Healthy Mummy Range is a range of products that we have created from scratch and worked on with leading nutritionists, dieticians and we consulted with the Monash University to create simply the best possible product for mums to use to be healthy.
The hero of the range if The Healthy Mummy Smoothie which takes our philosophy and love of the smoothie to a new level.  The smoothie is a formulated meal replacement designed to assist with weight loss, health and energy levels and can be used by non breastfeeding or breastfeeding mums.
As we know time poor mums need a quick solution to eating healthy foods, especially when breastfeeding and/or trying to lose weight.  So The Healthy Mummy Smoothie is the quick, easy, nutritious and tasty solution to meal time – or a snack time and is packed full of goodness for energy, and health and the carefully selected ingredients – as well as boosting your health can also support your milk supply if you are breastfeeding.

Why did we create it?

We created it as although the product we had been using was great, we wanted to improve it and bring you an even better product that had actually been created for mums – from scratch. We also wanted to create a more cost effective product that was easier to fit into your budget and creating our own line meant we could pass on this cost benefit directly to you.

So other than better value, what are the other benefits of The Healthy Mummy Smoothie?
  • They have been created for mums so there are added ingredients that specifically designed to help with a mum’s nutritional needs
  • We have increased the fibre content by adding psyllium hulks of the smoothies so you don’t need to take fibre tablets to help you feel fuller
  • We have added flaxseeds to the smoothies so you don’t need to add extra flaxseeds to your smoothies
  • They are gluten and dairy free so they are great if you or your baby are dairy intolerant or wheat intolerant
  • They are significantly lower in sugar than any of the product in the market – you can see our comparison table here
  • They are made with all non genetically modified ingredients
  • They contain fenugreek to help support milk supply if you are breastfeeding
  • They contain pumpkin seeds to boost your omega 3, zinc, iron and protein intake
  • They contain over 24 vitamins and minerals
  • They are an ideal meal replacement to help weight loss for the breastfeeding or non breastfeeding mum
  • They are a great snack if you are just looking for a daily nutrition boost
  • The cost per smoothie is AUD $2.69
  • You can also read the reviews from Independent Nutritionists here

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The Nutrition Label

The Healthy Mummy Fish Oils

Fish_oils_breastfeedingAs well as creating The Healthy Mummy Smoothie we wanted to create fish oils to include in our plans as we believe that taking fish oils is one of the best things anyone can do for their health – as well as having amazing benefits to your baby if you are breastfeeding.  Further to this, research also now shows that fish oils may help with the stomach fat area.
The reason that Omega 3 fatty acids are very important is because the body cannot produce them and they can therefore only be obtained from the diet and we need to constantly replenish the supply to the body.
The benefits to breastfed babies or for pregnant mums is that DHA is essential for the growth and development of the brain in both the foetus and newborn baby and fish oil therefore supports healthy brain development and function.
The other benefits of the Healthy Mummy Fish Oil 1000mg are:

  • Can help the relief and management of rheumatism.
  • Can help in the management and relief of symptoms of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Supports the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Can help in the maintenance of cholesterol with the normal range in healthy individuals and improve the LDL:HDL ratio.
  • Helps to maintain healthy cognitive function and promotes healthy mood.
  • Supports the health & function of the nervous system.
The Healthy Mummy Dark Chocolate Treats

Finally we have created The Healthy Mummy Chocolate Treats.  These are dark chocolate treats with all ingredients sourced from Australia and without chemical additives.
Most of us love some chocolate and in moderation – and when eating a 70% or more cocoa content chocolate – chocolate can offer a good supply of antioxidants and of course it tastes delicious.
Our Healthy Mummy Treats offer a portion controlled serving of dark chocolate which come in either a whole almond variety or mint essence and they will satisfy any chocolate cravings – and when consumed in moderation can be enjoyed on your healthy eating weight loss plan.

Special Offer!

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How does it compare?

And how does our new product stack up against other products in the market? Take a look at our comparison table here and hopefully you will see why we are so proud of the product – especially as it is the lowest sugar product on the market and highest fibre.

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