So I was really excited about week 7 as my little boy was getting his jabs which meant I could safely go out into public places with him without being paranoid about him being exposed to whooping cough.  This was good news for me (no more cabin fever), good news for Kai (he could start experiencing new sights and sounds) and good news for my little dog Zippee (who could now have more walks!).
The jabs at the Doctor was very traumatic for little Kai and he screamed blue murder as well as being projectile vomit sick all over the Doctor’s work top when she gave him the by mouth medicine  – I think it was payback in Kai’s eye’s for the nasty jabs  and it was a bit funny as the Doctor wasn’t overly enamoured with babies.
Our first outing was to the newly renovated Prince Alfred Park in Sydney, Surry Hills which is just fantastic – it has a swimming pool, tennis courts, a outdoors work out area, a kids play area and is dog friendly – so perfect!
So I put on my ankle weights and we did a 30 minute walk around it and I managed to get some bench dips in too for toning my arms too, in between throwing a stick for my dog and making sure Kai was ok (he did have a few crying fits which pram rocking didn’t fix so I did have to get him out of the pram for a few cuddles – and not sure if this is the norm or if I am meant to keep him in the pram and keep rocking – maybe I am teaching him bad habits but he was crying so much on a couple of times).
safe_exerise_to_lose_baby_weightI also got a Baby Bjorn carrier this week and it was great to be able to have my hands free for five minutes – but it was a pain and a half to get on and get him into it!  But definitely handy for a quick trip to the shops without having to get the pram out etc.
His sleeping is still very erratic but I am definitely dealing with it better – I have mastered the art of wrapping him nice and tightly – which for me means turning him over when he is getting wrapped and making sure half the wrap goes all the way around his back and then turning him back so he is fully tucked up and not possible to wriggle out of – which is definitely helping.
I have also started putting him in a baby chair esque thing in the day time which he is happy in for 10 minutes at a time which gives me time to do some bits and bobs.  This is really good when I fit in my exercise or make my my smoothies as I pop him in it and he is happy just to sit and watch me do my stuff.
As I always say on the Lose Baby Weight plans it is important to fit in exercise when you can – and what I am now doing too is popping him in his seat and stick some music on and dance for him – which he LOVES!  I think it is the combination of the music and seeing his mum dance like a complete idiot which keeps him so entertained and he smiles all the way thoroughout!  Goodness knows what he thinks of me when I am on my Vibration machine though – as my whole body jiggles and shakes – even my face!

On the topic of the vibration machine I can’t speak highly enough of it – I read more about the benefits of it this week and I now like it even more!
Research shows that because of the vibrations going through the body it helps circulation immensely – and as I don’t have great circulation (I always have cold feet and get stiff muscles) this is just great for me.  It also reduces cellulite by 25% if used 3 times a week – and who doesn’t have cellulite – even skinny minny Posh Spice does!  And 10 minutes on it is equivalent to 1 hour in the gym!  I am addicted to it and I really can feel my legs toning up – but note don’t use it wearing shorts infront of people as there is a lot of jiggle going on!!  Mine cost me $899 from and it is also available on a $10 a week payment plan.
Diet wise I have struggled this week – my hormones have been going crazy and the first time of the month is looming in 10 months so I have wanted to eat everything in site, sleep and then jump on the vibration plate to compensate!  Luckily I don’t buy junk food as if I did I would eat it – but I have eaten half my body weight in fruit.  Smoothie wise, my favourite this week was a coffee, nut and chocolate one which was super delicious (and as I was eating too much I improvised on my smoothies and did half water half milk instead of all milk to cut down on calories).

  • 2 tbsp of smoothie mix
  • 2 teaspoons of instant caffeine free coffee diluted in water
  • 4 walnuts and 4 peacan nuts
  • 1 tablespoon of psyllium hulks
  • 2 tablespoon of oatmeal
  • 1 banana
  • 200 ml of skimmed milk
  • Lots of ice

All blended up – yum!

I also am getting used to my cider vinegar shots before breakfast, lunch and dinner and I feel good taking it knowing it is helping my weight loss and I am in a good habit of doing the cider vinegar followed by a large glass of water to wash it down then I have my nice smoothie which I am kinda addicted to….
Weight  loss this week was 400g – not amazing but I am not surprised as I was feeling crappy this week and ate a lot – but it is still a loss even when I pigged out so I am happy and thank goodness it was healthy food I pigged out on as if it was junk I would probably have put on 5 kg!!
Next week is going to be a busy week but I am super excited – I am looking forward to starting a walking group at Centennial Park every Tuesday at 11.00am – it is a great way to get some exercise in and have a good chat with other mums in the same position as you  – and make friends.
I highly recommend you starting your own walking group – even if it is only a couple of you as it is a great way to get outdoors, do some exercise and stay motivated as you will all motivate each other – and hopefully make some great friends too.  I am also hoping to join a Mothers Group in Paddington which will be fun and on Saturday I am doing a talk/presso on post pregnancy nutrition and weight loss at a baby expo just outside of Sydney – so a busy week!