Rae has come on board as a Motivating Mum for October and has lost an amazing 11kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is loving the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
Well done Rae!
Hi to all my fellow Lose Baby Weight mummies,
I should really address you all as my new found BFF’S. After trusting you with the pictures of me in my undies I would say that’s pretty much what we are!
I am so very excited to be one of the Motivating Mummies for October. To date I have lost 11 kgs and 51cms since starting my weight loss journey back in May of this year.
My name is Rae and I have the immense privilege of being called Mummy by two of the most amazing humans to have walked the earth. My girls have been the main motivation in my weight loss journey. Weight management issues run on both sides of our family and having gained 20kgs since having Matilda 3 years ago I realised that I had to start implementing healthy food and exercise practices to stop unhealthy behavior forming with my girls. 5 months ago I made the decision to really turn my life around and Lose Baby Weight has been with me every step of the way.
Unworthy is the feeling that best describes my thoughts before starting on the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan. The thought of looking in the mirror sent fear through me. The thought of having sex with my husband was enough to make me cry and my social life was non-existent. I was in a pretty horrible place and at 26 years old decided that this wasn’t the life that I wanted to lead or that I deserved.
Both of my girls have been fairly high needs and I put my weight down to not having the time for myself. I am still breastfeeding my 15 month year old Charlotte and was using breastfeeding as an excuse. I do struggle to lose weight whilst feeding but looking back I realise that it was an out. I would rationalize that extra large serve of cake because I was breastfeeding and would lose the weight when I stopped. (Although if Lottie has her way I will be popping up to primary school at recess and lunch for her to have a quick feed through the fence!)  I was drawn to the Lose Baby Weight Plans, as they are sensational for catering to breastfeeding mothers and I had heard that the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mixes actually help to boost milk production.
The pivotal weight loss moment for me came when I was reading a previous Motivating Mum’s advice to take a picture of yourself and use it as a tool. I can vividly remember the moment that I took the first picture of myself. I sobbed for an hour afterwards. It was so cathartic and since that day I have referred back to that moment and used those feelings to drive me. I even had the picture as my background on my phone for the first month of my journey. I have taken weekly update shots of myself and am so proud of my achievements to date.
The Lose Baby Weight Plan has been so suited for me. The first 3 months I followed the meal plans from the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan religiously. I really needed the structure and guidance it provided to keep me on track.  Having the weekly shopping list all prepared was a life saver and the food charts really help to keep things simple. I purchased the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exerise DVD and cannot recommend it highly enough for all time poor mums out there. Having the DVD broken down into short segments makes it so easy to fit exercise into your day. I started off really slowly with my exercise plan because that’s all that I could manage.
My youngest has never been a good sleeper and between her and my toddler starting to refuse day sleeps, some day’s one 20-minute segment was all that I could get in. But it was something. My husband runs a small business and leaves before dawn and rarely gets home before the girls are in bed so free time is not something that I get a lot of. I have gradually built up my exercise to include a 45-minute walk with the girls every day. 45 minutes of pushing a 50 plus kilo pram around my hilly suburb is no walk in the park let me tell you!  And I feel brilliant after it, maybe not during but definitely after! I also go for a 20 minute run when my hard working hubbie surfaces from the office at about 8 at night. I love finishing off the day with a bit of exercise and it really helps to stop the after dinner snacking.
I really hope that my journey will help inspire and motivate some of you to take the leap of faith and get started on turning your life around. Each and every one of us deserves to feel happy and if your weight is stopping you from doing that then it is time to make the change. My biggest advice to you all is to be your own cheerleader, don’t look to outside sources to make you feel proud or validated. I think that too often we don’t allow ourselves that pat on the back that we deserve.  Try to take pride in every goal and be kind to yourself. Some days aren’t going to be great, at the start no day is going to be easy but each and every day is going to be worth it.
Nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy feels and I will be posting lots of photos of the food and exercise from the 28 Day Challenge too over this month – I love it
Rae xx
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