Motivating Mum of 4 Lisa Hannes has lost an amazing 15kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans.
Hi all my name is Lisa and I am a mum to 4 amazing little men aged between 11 and 3. I have been lucky enough to be picked as a Motivating Mum for this month!
I have been casually using the Lose Baby Weight website recipes for about a year now but over the last few months have stepped it up using Healthy Mummy Smoothies, plans and the Healthy Mummy Post Exercise DVD, I must say this program is fantastic and so easy to follow.
All up I have lost about 15kg with Lose Baby Weight and have another 15 to go. The difference now is I know I can achieve it. Not only have I lost weight but I have gained confidence again, I can keep up (mostly) with my kids, I feel healthier, I look healthier…I’m starting to be me again.
2012 I found myself at my heaviest a little over 100kg considering I’m only 153cm tall I was huge, depressed, anxious all the time, angry and defeated. My little family had so much going on at the time. We packed up our lives, moved state and I decided then and there things had to change.
I spent about a year trying different things going down and up in weight and motivation. Lose Baby Weight kept popping up in my newsfeed and luckily I took the time to check it out. For me starting slowly was the key, the more I used the recipes, the more I got on the support pages the more weight I lost and the more I was hooked.
I never thought I’d say exercise was something I looked forward to, that eating clean healthy foods was a pleasure or that because of it I am becoming a better person. I stress less, I panic less, my anxiety levels have dropped I am finally back in control of my life.
I really hope I can help motivate even just one of you to take the first step on this journey, If I can do this, so can you…..
Much love
Lisa xo
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