Motivating Mum of 4 Emma Churchman has lost an incredible 12kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans.
I am a mum to 4 children and I have been battling the bulge all my life.
Since having my first child 10 yrs ago I have gained nearly 70 kilos and I was very depressed with the way I looked. I started the Lose Baby Weight plans in August and started the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mixes. I found the smoothies so delicious and easy to prepare and very filling. I also purchased a few cookbooks from the Healthy Mummy and the Lose Baby Weight range which I absolutely love. My family of 6 love the recipes and they aren’t so complex like many other healthy weight loss recipes, very basic ingredients you could have just in your pantry.
I have lost 12kg and over 44cms off my body since starting the Lose Baby Weight program I have gained my health back and my children have gained their mum back. I recommend Lose Baby Weight to anyone who is feeling as though they will be the “fat girl”forever, because that’s how I thought until Lose Baby Weight changed my lifestyle and my attitude.
I love the challenge meal plans and the variety of food, it really doesn’t feel like a healthy eating plan because the food is so delicious and you’re not depriving yourself of anything, love how I can customise our meal plan to what suits my family and make everyone happy.
What kept me motivated was the fact I wanted to be around for a long time for my children, also my duaghter is 9 and weighs between 55-60 kilos. She thinks she is “fat”and I feel a lot of that is my fault because I haven’t taught her healthy eating. So since starting the Lose Baby Weight recipes she now helps me prepare our meals and she has picked up the positive atmosphere in the household. I feel if I let myself down I am also letting my fiance and children down too.
The recipes are so simple, I am being introduced to food I’ve been to wary to try and taste. My favourite recipe from the Lose Baby Weight recipes would have to be “2 ingredient pizza”so simple and it tastes so much better than the real ones at the shops with a lot less calories.
My ultimate goal is to get down to 78kg (pre pregnancy weight) but one step at a time, my major mini goal is to get to 100kg, I am now 136.3 so i still have a fair hike to go but with the support of the girls and the team at Lose Baby Weight/ Healthy Mummy I will get there!
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