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Today we get an update from Kristy Rawson who is losing her baby weight with help from Lose Baby Weight and the Lose Baby Weight Community. Kristy has lost over 5kg in total and last week lost 1.1kg
You can read Kristy’s first post HERE.


Hi everyone!
It’s been a week today since my 1st introduction blog. I weighed in last week at 59.6kg and today weighed in at 58.5kg, so have lost 1.1kg! YAY!! I’m so happy!  I am so absolutely stoked to see those results on the scales because it’s clear that all my hard work is paying off and I have now lost over 5kg in 9 weeks.
During the start of the week I found myself basically planning out my whole week in regards to food, groceries AND exercise. I am using my iPad as my Lose Baby Weight journal and adding in all the foods I have been eating, what healthy mummy smoothies I am making, what days I have been training, moments where I feel I want to cave in and go and buy a chocolate bar! Basically just noting everything! And it is helping me so much because I can see where I am stronger in areas and also weak in others.
I find if I haven’t made some kind of low fat baking treats for the week, I just want to go and demolish a packet of hot fresh donuts from Woolworths all to myself! NOT GOOD! So in order to stop these bad cravings, I have made Monday my “cooking day” (which works a treat because Mondays are generally the day I make baby puree’s for the week). I’ve been making some sweet and savoury baking and froze a lot of it so I can just pull it out the day/meal before.
I have been using the Spring & Summer Cookbook too – which I love!


I have got into a really good head space with motivating MYSELF which is not easy I know, but because I am seeing so many physical changes with the scales going down, clothes fitting again and actually WANTING to exercise, it’s been easier than I thought. Last Wednesday I went to the gym, did a lot of walking with bub’s around the beaches and I’ve been having the healthy mummy smoothies and following the 28 day exercise plan and have been increasing the amount of repetitions on each move.
I used the BMR tools through Lose Baby Weight to see how many calories I need to be eating a day. I’ve been drinking 2-3 750ml pump bottles a day (which for anyone that knows me knows I can’t stand water) but am trying  so hard to increase my fluids each and every day because I now know the benefits of it with weight loss. The calorie bible is the best tool I think I have going! I’m always looking in it whether I am at home cooking or out and about.
My goal for this coming week is to do exactly what I have been this last week, loosing 1.1kg is a massive number for me.  But seeing that loss has made me feel so bloody proud of myself – over 5kg down now!.
Lose Baby Weight is not a diet, It’s a lifestyle change and I’M LOVING IT!


Until next week
Kristy Xx

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