Hello Lose Baby Weight mummies!
My name is Kristy Rawson, I am 28 years of age, I have two beautiful boys, Blake aged 12 and our newest addition Talon who has just turned 5 months old. We live in beautiful Port Macquarie, NSW.
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I am normally quite an active person, I love playing soccer in a six a side soccer comp, riding motocross, walking, going to the gym and doing classes. I really enjoy Les Mill classes and have become a little obsessed with body combat.
Since starting the Lose baby Weight program 7 weeks ago, I have managed to lose 4.6kg. My goal weight is 55.kg. I currently weigh 59.6kg. Some people out there have said to me that losing the last 4.6kg will be “easy, a piece of cake”. Little do some people realize that weight loss is hard whether you have 50kg to lose or 5kg to lose.
We all still need to nourish our bodies with a clean and healthy balanced diet to fuel it for weight loss and we all need to have the understanding of how to safely lose the weight instead of falling into fad diets and potentially causing harm to our bodies instead of helping it. Sure exercise is a major part in weight loss, but 80% of weight loss is actually made up of nutrition and the remaining 20% is made up of training and exercise.
Before I fell pregnant with baby Talon, I weighed 53kg. In an ideal world, I would LOVED my body to have bounced right back to my pre-baby body, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way and it’s only just of late that I have really come to accept and love my current post baby body and have stopped criticising and have given myself a break, allowing my body to recover. It’s when you come to terms with the fact that you’ve grown a tiny human inside you for 9 months which is nothing short of a miracle, and knowing that some woman in this world cannot even have children, that you really believe how lucky you are to have this post baby body in the first place.
Goals for September – To lose 2kgs. My September goals are nothing less than what my goals have been for the last month and a half, I have set myself some tasks to try and achieve and therefore reach my September goal of 2kg.
Since being on the lose baby weight program, not only has my body been changing but also my mindset as well. I’m physically getting stronger but mentally am becoming a different person. I’m so much happier within myself. I am noticing I am making so many better choices for my body, my health, my mind and most importantly my three boys (hubby included), as I have slowly started to change not only my way of eating but my son Blake’s as well.
Instead of him asking to make chocolate brownies from a supermarket box he will ask to look through my cook books and pick out healthy dessert or a banana and cocoa square recipe to bake. And with Blake helping out in the kitchen, I am able to make some really positive changes in the way he understands what is good and bad for him.
This also makes doing the grocery shop a lot easier (and cheaper mind you) when I no longer have to buy the packet of donuts or bottles of coke like we used too. Now I find him saying, “Mum do you need any more almonds or nut butter” I love it and I love that me doing the lose baby weight program is helping change my whole family for the better.
Because I have been so strong in these last 7 weeks and not caving into many bad treats (if any) I have had a lot of feedback from friends, people at the gym noticing my results and asking me what I have been doing to get in shape so soon after having little Talon. And I tell them, it’s about what you’re eating, and how and when you’re exercising but most importantly I tell them about the lose baby weight program I am on, and how it has helped me with all the tools to do so.
I love helping people and encouraging people to fight for their dreams, and is one massive reason why I have decided to take part in studying Certificate 3 and 4 in Personal Training. I find it SO rewarding to have people telling me how great I am doing and how good I look etc that I want to be able to give that experience to someone else through making them reach for their goals through fitness.

I hope you guys follow my progress along the way
Kristy xx
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