Motivating Mum Katie Scher has lost an amazing 14kgs with Lose Baby Weight and share her mid month blog.

Hi Ladies!
Welcome to crazy December! The month where we all gain a few kilos, I won’t be one of those unlucky people – I’ve just started following the Lose Baby Weight December Reduce your Sugar Challenge. I’ve also spent days reading over all the Lose Baby Weight Cookbooks, Website Recipes, Challenges Recipes and of course the new Christmas Cookbook! How amazing do the recipes look! I can’t wait to bake the No-Added Sugar Gingerbread Folk with my daughter and make the Low Calorie Chocolate Christmas Meringues for a delicious looking Christmas Snack!
This past week I’ve had a down week, although I was still eating great and started running which made me feel awesome and so confident in myself. I soon hit a wall, not a big one, but one to make me realize that I’ve had it pretty easy since I started in September. My partner has started working crazy hours and soon to spending a lot of time down the other end of the State, and my exercise has halved thanks to Tassie’s crazy weather and pretty sore Hamstring, oh and I had my High School Reunion where I indulged a little too much with Alcohol and Nibbles.
But today is a new day! I’ve jumped over that wall! I didn’t do my weekly weigh in yesterday, as I was too scared to see the damage! BUT because today is a new day, I jumped on and HELLLOOOOOO 81.9kgs!!  Definitely hit my pre-baby weight, now to work my way towards Pre-Jj weight (my partner is called Jj and I was about 70-72kgs when we first got together), I definitely let myself go! 14.1kgs lost since September. My Christmas Goal is to wake up Christmas morning and see 79kgs or less on the scales.
To help stay out of my slump, I’m going to spend the day prepping meals and snacks for myself and my partner. I’ve pulled the Lose Baby Weight DVD out of the DVD Cupboard and have it sitting where I’ll see it every day! I’ve created a Water Intake Tally on our whiteboard so I have to increase my water intake, and have dragged the Exercise Bike back out of hiding.
So here’s to December ladies! If I can jump this little wall, you can too! And don’t forget to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Budget Weight Loss Tips | 10 After Dinner Sweet Treats | 12 Must Read Tips From Motivating Mum Mum Ash – starting soon!
Katie xo
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