Motivating Mum Jade Shaw has lost over an amazing 13kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is loving how the plans have changed her and her families lives.

My name is Jade shaw
I’m a mother to a beautiful  11 month old girl named Indiana
I had a horrible labour and was rushed in for an emergency c section where I almost lost my life. It took me a while to recover resulting in me gaining alot of weight.
Previous to being pregnant I fought for years with myself to try and lose weight but always gave up I finally found the courage to keep myself going and lost 30 kilos. I was almost at my goal weight when I fell pregnant and was so happy.
Before finding Lose Baby Weight I had recently come out of  terrible relationship with my ex where I was constantly put down and made feel that little about myself.  After feeling so terrible about myself for so many years I came across your wonderful Facebook page.
I started my weight lose journey with Lose Baby Weight at the start of September where I decided to join the 28 Day Challenge. Not only did I change physically but also mentally. My whole mind set and outlook on life has changed. Throughout the September challenge I lost 5kilos and 24cm of just my stomach.
Throughout October I continued to follow the September challenge but mixed it up a bit. In October I lost another 6kilos bringing my weight lose to 11 kilos and losing another 28cm of my stomach!! I am now back In the 70’s woohoo!!
November has been a pretty bad month for me I have continued to fall on and off the band wagon and my head has been playing games. I have been fighting with myself almost every day  and felt like the old me was coming back. I was doubting myself and telling myself I couldn’t do it. It started to really scare me there was no way the old me is coming back that’s for sure. I tried to overcome it myself but found it very difficult so I decided to reach out to two of my fellow Motivating Mummies Ash and Rae who are amazing and have helped me throughout my journey. I’m so thankful to have this support group. I’m now feeling much better and am back on track finally. My total weight lose now is 13.8 kilos.
What I love about Lose Baby Weight is the support network that comes with it I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without Rhian and the team and most of all the amazing mummies on this page. I have never ever been apart of a group like this with some much kind hearted people who go out of there way to help people they don’t even no.
The friends I have made on here are beyond amazing and I think having that extra support from people who are going through the same thing is the motivation that’s needed day in day out. So thank your all amazing inside and out. Lose Baby Weight has changed mine and my families life .
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