Motivating Mum Ash Petroff has lost over an incredible 14kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her goals for November.
You can see Ash’s Squat Challenge here.

For each month I like to pick something that I want to stay focused on through the month.
As I get closer to my goal weight as expected the amount I lose each week gets smaller. I knew this was something that happens so I was prepared for it. I no longer lose kgs but grams and at first it did upset me which I think is normal because I thought that my hard efforts food wise and exercise should be repaid by a nice big loss on the scales.
But I started noticing that even tho I was only losing grams I still felt proud of myself, I was still eating all the healthy nutritious recipes from Lose Baby Weight, I was still exercising, still drinking lots of water. I still felt fitter than I have ever felt before. A loss on the scales big or small is still a loss and still a step closer to my goal weight.
Scales don’t measure the amazing feeling on the inside, they don’t measure how great I feel after completing 28 Day Challenge exercises, they don’t measure my strong will for resisting temptation.
So for the month of November my focus will not be on the scales and the number shown. My focus will be on myself and what I can now achieve and how much fitter I am. I am a strong, healthier mum of three that can now do 1050 squats, that can resist a can of coke with no worries, that can crave exercise, that can motivate other mums.
I am a completely new woman and not just in looks. My whole way of thinking has changed. I will never go back to the old me physically or mentally, which is exactly why I won’t let the number on the scales determine how I feel for the rest of the day .
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