Motivating Mum Ash Petroff shares how she stays active while hanging out the washing with Lose Baby Weight. Can you do the washing challenge?
You can see Ash’s progress here.
Here we are November!!!!!!!
Motivating Mum two months in a row and super happy to be back once again, to motivate other mummies.
As well as using the healthy mummy smoothies and weight loss plans, exercise on the 28 day challenges has become a huge part of my days now (never thought I’d say that!)
The happy endorphins you get afterwards is addicting!!!!!
I created the “hanging out washing squats” which now a lot of mummies do!!
It’s all about what works for you!!!!
Here’s an example of how I do my washing squats

  • 1 piece of child’s clothing= 2 squats
  • 1 piece of adults clothing= 4 squats
  • 1 towel = 6 squats

Plus I place my basket on the ground so I have to squat again to pick up the washing.
Using these guidelines, with one load of washing today =115 squats!!!!
Now the awesome thing about the washing squats is you can adjust the number of squats you do for each clothing item…… IT’S WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND YOUR FITNESS LEVEL.
With us being busy mums the washing is never ending, so doing the washing squats you’re doing housework and exercising at the same time.
It’s about squeezing it in whenever you can!!!
Hope you enjoy and you’ll have a very toned backside in no time!!!!
Ash Petroff
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