Rae Willingham is continuing on as Motivating Mum for November and is loving the new healthy lifestyle change!
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Hi Healthy Mummies,
I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to Rhian and her team for all their support during my time as an October Motivating Mum. I feel extremely honored to be back onboard as a Motivating Mum for November.
The past month has been life changing for me. I have learnt so much about myself during my time as a Motivating Mum; I feel blessed to be able to impart some of my newfound knowledge.
The most important message that I would like to share is this. You are WORTHY of being a priority. We are all guilty as mothers of putting everyone else’s needs before our own. This month I have finally learnt that I am not selfish for taking time for myself.  I am not being neglectful of my children, my house or my husband. In fact I am doing the very opposite. I am the best mother and wife I can be since starting with Lose Baby Weight. I am happy and fulfilled. The knowledge that I am showing my girls a healthy lifestyle fills me with immense pride and I love that my husband can’t keep his hands off of me, and that has nothing to do with the weight loss and everything to do with the confidence gain.
It is not about having the time. It is about MAKING the time. I was so guilty of using the excuse “I don’t have the time” be it to exercise or prepare healthy meals. We all have the time. Once I had fully embraced the fact that I was worthy enough to put aside some time for myself it happened. The Lose baby Weight Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD has been amazing for this. The fact that it is broken down into 10-15 minute segments means that I can easily fit at least one in every day. I was a complete couch potato before starting with Lose Baby Weight.
When I was first picked to be a Motivating Mum I messaged Tasheena with my worries of being the wrong choice. I was reading all these blogs of women who were dedicating an hour or more a day to working out. I did not have that amount of free time! But I did, and I do. I am proud to say that I am now one of those women who love exercise! I crave those endorphins. Even after a horrendous night sleep when I think the last thing I want to do is exercise I do it and I feel so much better for it. I have gained such a huge repertoire of children entertaining tactics to give me time to exercise during the day that I could probably publish a book!
The last piece of wisdom I would like to pass on is this. Be kind to yourself, there have been days where I have not only fallen off of the wagon but it had it run over me then reversed for good measure. In the past I would have given up after one bad meal and written the day off. Then woken up in the morning with feelings of guilt. Now I accept it, learn from it and move on. The Lose Baby Weight program is a lifestyle change. It is not a quick fix. My life has well and truly changed thanks to the team. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude; thank you sounds hollow for all that they have done for me.
If I can do it then you can too, take the first step; you wont regret it for a single second. xx
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