The incredible Emily Koniditsiotis Motivating Mum for July shares her weight loss update with Lose Baby Weight and her thoughts on depression and exercise.

This month I’ve made an important discovery that I hope might help any other Mummies out there who suffer from depression. I’d like to write about the amazing, successful month I’ve had so far but it wouldn’t be honest. I’ve been struggling a bit this month and anyone with depression will understand that the black dog can sneak up on you without so much as a growl for warning, even if things seem to be going so well.
Now, this is not a new or original idea, mind you, it has actually been drummed into our heads many, many times before, but it’s a discovery that means absolutely nothing until the individual makes the find for themselves. Here it is; Exercise helps ease the symptoms of depression. Wow.
You’re thinking, Yeah, sure, whatever, just hand me my TV remote, that box of cookies and turn the light off on your way out, thanks.
We’ve heard it so many times before; exercise, blah blah, endorphins, blah de blah, better sleep, tra la la…but I’m not even going to get all complicated and technical on you.
I’m talking about a very simple domino effect that exercise sets off, for me in particular, but I hope someone out there might make this connection for themselves just by reading what I’ve experienced. Once you take that very hard, scary and exhausting step towards fitness, any fitness, you’ll nudge that first domino over and it’s kind of amazing what happens next.
Things are starting to look brighter now that I’ve put this on paper. It has simplified things in my mind and it won’t take me so long to slip back into my trainers and get moving because the rewards of exercise are so instrumental to maintaining a happy life.
Luckily, I’ve had my Healthy Mummy Smoothies, so instead of falling back into comfort eating and making poor food choices, I was able to make quick, healthy meals without having to put much thought into it with the Lose Baby Weight plans.
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