Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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This month we have Emilley Kingsman as one of our Motivating Mums. Emilley has lost over 20kg and you can read some of her previous posts here and here.
Over to you, Emilley!
‘I can’t believe that June is coming to an end!
It has been a fabulous month full of healthy eating, stacks of exercise, lots of smiling and positive results.
All up this month I have lost 3.2kg, 15 cm and my BMI has dropped from 28.2 to 26.9.
My fitness has improved immensely, with running now being a normal part of my week, and I’m finally starting to see definition and tone in different parts of my body thanks to an increase in weights.
I have also learnt to appreciate and LOVE my body, meaning that I now see healthy eating and exercise as a way to look after myself (and my family), both inside and out, not just as a way to lose weight.
healthy_eatingThroughout this month I have discovered and experimented with a huge range of new flavours for the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and have enjoyed having one each day.
I have actually found something beneficial for me with the smoothies, exercise and breastfeeding too.
My son turns 1 in two weeks (OMG! Where has the time gone!) and happily breastfeeds 3 times per day – when he wakes up in the morning, before his lunch time sleep and before he goes to bed at night.
On days where I have done a big high-intensity workout I find that I take a long time to get a let-down of milk for the lunch time and/or the night time breastfeed.
This upsets my son and can make both of us quite frustrated!
So on these days I make a Healthy Mummy Smoothie as a snack to have either post-workout or mid-afternoon.
I put 100ml water, 100ml low fat milk and 2 scoops of Healthy Mummy Smoothie powder into a shaker, shake it, then drink it! Easy! And it usually helps boost my supply for the afternoon.
lose_baby_weightMy biggest challenge this month has been to walk 50km with my son and our dog.
I aimed 10km higher than my initial goal and am proud to say that I am almost there!
I am currently at 47.6km (which, by the way, is almost 11 hours of walking and lovely fresh air) with 4 days to go.
This means that I will reach my goal during our next walk, hopefully tomorrow!
Having this goal has pushed me to walk further and for longer each time and has made me get out of the house on days that I didn’t want to.
I’m so glad that I set it for 50km, not 40!
For us, a small walk is now roughly 3km and a big walk is around 6km.
This amazes me; I never thought that I would consider a 3km afternoon walk to be short!
I use an app to track our walks (distance, speed etc) via GPS on my phone and use Google maps to find new routes to take.
I try to go past a park or playground somewhere along our walk so that my son can have a play before we hit the pavement again.
He loves our walks as much as I do now, chatting the whole way and helping me to hold our dog’s leash.
I strongly believe that goal setting is the key to success in all areas of life.
Don’t set goals and leave them as open-ended.
Decide whether they are long-term or short-term goals and give them a realistic deadline.
If a goal is big or long-term, break it up into smaller, more manageable chunks.
By setting mini-goals as stepping stones to a big goal, it is easier to stay motivated because you have something within reach, sooner.
Don’t set yourself up for failure by falling into the trap of setting goals which are outside of your reach.
After all, we are only human, so we need to be feeling some positive reinforcement to stay motivated and interested.
Now is the time to be setting some goals for July or for the next few months.
Here’s that saying again: Don’t wish for it, work for it!
healthy_eatingFor me, my goals are slowly shifting from weight loss to maintenance, fitness and being the very best version of myself.
My next big goal is to complete the True Grit obstacle race in July. 10km and over 30 obstacles! Bring it on I say =)
I’m not aiming to be the fastest or the best, my goal is simply to make it to the finish line.
This is a big step outside of my comfort zone – it is double the distance and double the amount of obstacles compared to the previous obstacle race that I took part in, at the start of the year.
Finally, can I just say, if you are looking for a way to be held accountable, to make changes, to push yourself and to grow and learn, consider being a Motivating Mum for a month.
It sounds daunting and a little scary (I was so nervous about so many people ‘watching’ me), but it really isn’t.
Instead, it is motivating and encouraging, and you will find support from so many people in the Lose Baby Weight team and the wonderful community of mums =)
I hope that I have been able to motivate some other mums in June and I can’t wait to continue being inspired by all of the future MMs!’
Current Measurements:

  • Weight – 67.1kg (down 0.3kg, making a total loss of 20.5kg)
  • BMI – 26.9 (started at 35.1 in Sept 2012)
  • Waist – 73cm (down 0.5cm; total loss of 15.5cm)
  • Hips – 90cm (down 1cm; total loss of 22.5cm)
  • Stomach – 80.5cm (same; total loss of 23cm)
  • Thighs – 60.5cm (down 0.5cm; total loss of 12.5cm)

– Emilley Kingsman
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