Motivating Mum Beth Henke shares how she over came her fears and built her confidence with Lose Baby Weight.

Hello beautiful and amazing Mummas!
It’s hard to believe that it’s the middle of November already, for those doing the 28 Day Challenge, you’re half way there!! Hopefully you are all embracing your new lifestyle and are slowly letting go of the old. Lose Baby Weight isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s not something you can change overnight or even in a week, it takes time. Granted there are some that take to it and make the switch instantly, I was lucky enough to be one of those people. The minute I had my’ light bulb’ moment, which was the fact that I was missing out on precious time with my kids by being lazy and staying home crippled with anxiety, I knew I had to dive in and I cannot begin to tell you how amazing I feel for it, but it took me a bit to get there.
About 9 years ago, I witnessed an armed robbery that ended up a murder. I was a metre away and it set off a chain of events that only recently I have come to deal with. From then, I feared a lot of things. I gave up working in retail and went to an office job. I ate, when I felt anxious as it seemed to calm my nerves. I stopped seeing people as I always felt on edge being out. I moved away from family and friends and became a recluse. I ended up in an abusive relationship that further crippled me emotionally.
But then a year later, I woke up. I left my ex. I started to be social again. I got back in musical theatre which was my life, I met new people and became even closer with those that had stuck by me. My husband and I got together(after 10 years!) and we fell pregnant with our son. Through all this though my love of food stayed. I instead of eating to feel better, I ate because I was happy. I still hated going out a lot, I still couldn’t go for a walk by myself. I became bigger and lazier. I hid behind my pregnancy. My son was born, life continued on and then we fell pregnant with our twins.
When they turned one, and I saw some photos of myself, I was shocked and disgusted, something clicked. The way I was had to stop. My fear of being me had to go. I came across Lose Baby Weight on Facebook and knew it was for not only me, but for my family. You see we were junk food eaters, but we loved food, we loved to eat lots of food. I needed help how to eat correct amounts and to cook in a more healthy way. I promised my family that the old mummy was going but they would be getting a newer and healthier one.
And they have. Since I started I haven’t looked back. There is no back only forward. I made myself take the dog for a walk alone. I have even walked as it got dark. If I think for a second I can’t do something I get up and do it to prove myself wrong because at the end of the day the only thing stopping me is my own head.
My advice to all of you mums out there that think that you can’t do it, you honestly can. You carried a child and gave birth. Anything else in comparison is easy! Yes it will hurt, yes you will slip up, yes you get frustrated when the scales don’t show what you want it too. But then there will be days when it all goes right. Those are the days you hold onto. Those are the days you remember. That is was you use to keep going.  Lose Baby Weight have made is so easy for you. If you can read, then you can do this. The recipes aren’t hard, the exercises push you and if you can’t do it there are other ways to do exercise. Even if you can’t exercise, you can still eat healthy. There is a support group full of mums who can help you with anything you need. Even if its just to vent!!
You don’t need your partners support. I’ve said it in an earlier blog I wrote, all you need is you and your mind determined to do it. Not even to prove him wrong but just because you want to do your bit to help the obesity epidemic that is haunting us and our children. It starts with us as mums. We have to take the first step. The rest will follow. Even those without children will see a change in you and want to change themselves.  It’s why I create recipes to help mums with fussy eaters because I want to help however I can to get people into a healthy lifestyle. I tell everyone I know about Lose Baby Weight.
As Motivating Mums we are here to do just that. However we can and we want to do it. We’ve been successful and want to help others be too. Most of us are still on our way and are still ‘fixing’ things so please, jump into the group and ask us anything! By the books, join a challenge, get the smoothies if you are time poor, just please, take the step to being a healthier you. Don’t leave it and lose out on time that you cannot get back.
Much love to you all and keep smashing each day!!
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