Motivating Mum Michaela McAllister has lost over an amazing 16kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares how story on Post Natal Depression and is over halfway on her 100 Day Challenge!

Hey Everyone,
I want to share a very personal story and hope that it helps even just one person in some small way along their journey. I have shared this with the ladies amongst the private support page but just incase that someone wasn’t able to see if or missed it. I want you all to know that we all have struggles, it is completely normal and you can make a change for the better.
After having my last baby I wasn’t as big as I was when I finally done something about my weight. My weight esculated from bad foods, sleep deprivation and a very deep depression that I never shared with anyone and to be honest looking back on it all now I believe I was actually suffering from Postnatal Depression but refused to admit it.
Even my partner had made a reference a couple times that I should see someone which I resented him for mentioning and blamed the lack of sleep and raising two young children for the majority of the time by myself. I knew someone wasn’t quite right though. I was filled with shame that as a mother although I cared for and loved my children I wasn’t happy, I hadn’t been truely happy since before the miscarriage that we had gone through just prior to concieving our last child.
As any mother does, I put all my focus on everyone else but myself, when I was the one who needed it the most. I continued to hide behind my kids, hide behind my partner and hide behind the walls of my home. I essentially made myself a prisoner and avoided life because I was ashamed of how I felt and how I looked.
The turning point in all of this came when I started Lose Baby Weight and joined the amazing support group. Little by little I started focussing on myself and my health. Sure I felt guilty as hell for it but knew that if I didn’t, nothing would change and that outcome was worse. I slowly became healthier, stronger and confident in myself and with the new found confidence came beauty that I hadn’t seen for a long time. My life improved, my family life improved, my depression subsided greatly to nearly the point of non-existence apart from the rare down day (which lets face it can happen to the best of us no matter what.)
With the thanks of Rhian Allen, all the amazingly supportive ladies of the private facebook page and all the inspirational ladies that share their stories from their hearts, I am a confident new woman who no longer hides behind four walls away from the world. I am a strong woman fighting for health. I am the woman I have been longing to be when I was at my lowest. Sure I am no where near my end goal yet but I am becoming the woman that I thought I was never going to see again.
So to all the Women out there battling with themselves, I believe in you!
To all the Women out there that put everyone first all the time, put yourself first! Trust me, your family will end up thanking you for it.
To all the Women out there wanting to do something but never follow through with their wishes, DO IT!
Being Healthy and Active is the best thing for your body, mind and soul. I have never realised how true this was until now. A few weeks ago back I injured my back which has resulted in torn discs and apparently according to the Chiropactor a very bad job of it to.
Since being injured and on bed rest, not exercising has seen some self doubt creep back in and just general feelings of being down and out, so it definitely goes to show that exercising is good for mental health as well as physical health.
A major disappointment in being injured is not being able to complete the November 28 Day Challenge exercises like I would have loved to do. Instead I am trying to focus on all the amazing recipes that this challange has to offer and I am absolutely loving the customisable meal plans, it makes it so easy to pick recipes that suit my family and our dietary needs.
When I am back to 100% health I will slowly re-introduce all the exercises I have loved and missed. I am especially hanging out to get back into the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy DVD. It was so much part of my daily routine that I now feel somewhat lost in the morning without it (as silly as that sounds.)
Weightloss to date is a total of 16kg down since June 18th 2014.
Starting weight 93kg, Current weight 77kg.
Anyways thats enough from me for now, just remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT!
Michaela xx
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