Motivating Mum Michaela McAllister has lost over an amazing 16kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares the ups and downs on her weight loss journey.

Hello beautiful Ladies,
Today I want to share with you all my reflection looking back over my Lose Baby Weight journey. Sometimes we all can lose sight of how far we have actually come and dwell to much on where we are yet to be (I know I definately do anyways.) As I sat down and wrote this out I made the realisation that along my journey I lost the passion and fire that was once in my heart, but trust me it is no regnited with more determination than ever before!
At the very beginning of my journey, I was morbidly obese weighing in at 93kg. Only being 160cm short, every single kilo of that weight was noticeable. My health was in high risk of serious health complications and I was showing signs of diabetes but was far to ashamed and terrified of seeking medical attention. I was severely depressed with Post Natal Depression which I was yet to admit to myself because I was living in a world of denial.
I felt like the worst mother in the world because I wasn’t offering my children a happy life instead they put up with me barely getting through each day with absolutely no energy or motivation to do anything! I was a terrible partner, I shut myself away emotionaly and physically and wouldn’t let my partner in. I would constantly ‘joke’ that I wasn’t good enough and he should find someone else, those ‘jokes’ broke me on the inside and tore my heart apart. I hid behind my family and walls of our family home, an empty shell of a person I use to be.
It was at that point I was at my absolute lowest. So broken, vulnerable and desperate. I finally saw the ‘light’ I needed to reclaim my life. My ‘light’ moment came from a family photo that was suppose to reflect a happy young family, instead it reflected the hurt, pain and desperation that I was avoiding for far to long.
My journey with Lose Baby Weight in the very early stages implementing a new lifestyle was not the easiest trying to break bad habits. Even trying to walk any kind of distance left me exhausted. Some days I felt absolutely defeated, but I knew that anything was better than remaining the same.
In the beginning the weight seemed to fall off relatively quick and that 93kg soon become 89, 87, 84 and then slowed. September last year was go time, No holding back! I had remained the same for far to long. Along with the very first 100 Day Active Challenge and September 28 Day Challenge the weight started coming off again. I was happier, I had more energy, I was a better mother, I was a better partner, I was in me element. My life as a whole was more enjoyable!!!
Things went downhill in October. Yes even the people that are ontop of their game come crashing down. Mine came in the form of a back injury. I was devastated! I was put on bed rest, my motivation quickly left after the frustration set in and I became complacent.
Since then to this date I will be 100% honest I have struggled, I have felt completely lost and unbelievably frustrated watching everyone else having such great success while I remained the same. I had let it pull my back injury and complacency pull me back more than I should have let it!
BUT I will NOT let it win. I am STRONGER than my excuses and I DESERVE to feel AMAZING and be in me element once more!
No more healf hearted attempt at the 28 Day January Challenge, no more half hearted attempt at the New improved 100 Day Challenge. NO MORE half hearted attempt at LIFE!
Watch this space, because this Mum is under going a transformation to be the happiest, fittest, strongest & healthiest mother I can be. Until I get to my goal I am going to ‘Rock what I’ve got’ and love myself no matter what!
Here’s to a happier, healthier life thanks to Lose Baby Weight/The Healthy Mummy.
Michaela xx
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